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  • My only problem with the quiz was that the gender in many of the questions was him or he. I identified myself as Male but the questions and the result didn't change. So my skepticism is a little more rhan moderate.

    Firefoxpainter H
  • Love, yeah. Obsession is scary. I used to date a guy who was obsessed with me, he followed me like a lost puppy and called EVERY FREAKING NIGHT. Even if he had nothing to say.

  • is it love or obsession??
    Your Result: love

    you are in love... you like to spend time with him but you dont follow him everywhere. You are not obsessed with him congrats! You love him and he loves you, Keep it up and you guys will be together for a really long time!

    i do love joe so true

  • Im happy I got love :). The sad thing is that he doesnt even know I exist so...

  • im in love with luis yea it not a obsession

    fire feva
  • LOVE...I KNEW IT! I <3 him SOOOOOOOOOO much! =)

    Sarah Soda Slim

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