Is it Love? or Is it Hate? pt 7

Alright! This is it! The seventh part of Is it Love? or Is it Hate? has begun!...oh no! NME hasn't only captured Robert....they even capture Luke and Michael!!

With the help of the boys little sister, Esther(thats me)we fight NME and save the three boys...but it doesnt end there :) who do you love? Michael Luke or Robert?

Created by: Kierra_LOVE

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  1. After u two clean up u decide to take a walk in the forest behind HQ
  2. It starts to rain hard "Awww crap! not again!" u say refering to the time when you met the boys(take my first quiz if you dont know wat im saying) as u are running you start to hear a laugh.... an evil laugh.....Preston????
  3. ur still running in the rain....and you still hear Preston laughing....all of a sudden a figure appears right in front of you blocking your path as you look at it u realize the figure was a person being hanged to death...what are you thinking??
  4. u run away from the figure...but as u take three feet away from the dead person....another figure appears. It is another dead person but this person has been beaten to death....u run from that one..but yet another figure...this person has been shot....u keep running away from these figures until they have formed a circle around you....there are about five figures surounding u are starting to see their faces
  5. Omg...the person who was hanged...was Luke! the person who was beaten to death was Michael! the one who was shot..was Robert!...the two others where stabbed....of course they are dead too....but then as you look at one of the of them is you!! and there is this other man next to dont know who he is scream as loud as you can.....suddenly you wake was only a dream!
  6. you look out side and its storming out there...lightning and thunder that shakes the whole get scared so you walk around HQ(with a flashlight) and see if anyone is hear a noise from behind turn around and you see a broken vase on the start to freak out...your about to scream until a hand covers your mouth...what are you thinking?
  7. "shhh....____shh...its only me, Michael" you turn around and flash you light towards him...sure was Mike. "ugh...___! the light!" groans Michael. "oh..sorry" "its ok...couldnt sleep could ya?" "no..i had a bad dream"
  8. "really?" he says asking worried "yeah..." you say...the thunder roars and you quickly hold onto michael and doesnt let go. The thing that shocks you is that...Michael is holding you too! you look up and you see Michael with his eyes that...a tear?! u wipe the tear away from his cheek, he jumps at ur touch and opens his eyes...of course you fall into a trance because of his beautiful green eyes. then you two notice how close ur faces are....michael breaks away from his trance from looking into your gorgeous(color of ur eyes) eyes..." astraphobic...." he says pulling away and looking down...and blushing
  9. you two stay with each other for a while then goes back to bed...all of a sudden you start to hear yelling and the sounds of things falling down and breaking! you run to ur door and slightly open it...omg...NME!! you can see Luke fighting off some NME agents...and theres Michael right by you...he sees you and mouth the words..."climb underneath ur bed! there is a door there! stay in the room were the door leads u to! i will send my lil sister(thats me :)) Esther to you! Now go! hurry!
  10. u do as ur told and then...the sounds stop...u still stay u decided to take a wake up at a open up a door and there is a girl about ur age she has green eyes and dark brown eyes...Michael...dark brown hair...Luke....she looks like the three boys all at once. "Hi im Esther...the boys lil sister...i have been sent by Michael before NME took him and Luke away..." i say putting my head down frighting tears...CLIFFHANGER! tell me who you want to be with...Michael Luke or Robert...:) i will send out a quiz about who you want ok? COMMENT AND RATE!

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