love, like ,or hate

love is amazing never let it down you can be so loved and you can be so hated do not make like it is tradgic if you get hate. never be mad always accept it out there

love is awesome love it enjoy it hope you no that you can be loved and hated but you shouldnt care!! take you results and think about them most likely you are loved

Created by: sarah

  1. Does he ever star at you and look away when you look?
  2. Does he ever talk to you?
  3. Does he ever hurt you?
  4. Do you like the things he gives you
  5. When he looks at you does he smile
  6. Do you love him
  7. when you look at him do you get butterflies?
  8. do you smile when he is around
  9. do you always want to spend time with him
  10. would you be willing to go across the country with him

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