Is It Love? or Is It Hate? Pt 5

HEY YALL!!! Welcome back! Now, Michael and Luke FINALLY realize that you were telling the truth about Robert being in prison. Will you forgive them or not?

Ok theres gonna be MORE drama...soo if ya dont like it then sorry..oh and another thing...take quiz 1, 2, 3, and 4 because if you probably won't get the story.

Created by: Kierra_LOVE

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  1. As the war goes on outside the mansion, you try to convince Luke and Michael that Robert is in captivity and that this 'Preston' dude was an NME agent. Of course, they weren't buying it.
  2. "___ stop! its over! there are a dozen aircrafts out there ready to blow us to kingdom come and you are here lieing to us saying that Robert is a victim to the enemy!" yells Luke. you feel like you want to cry, but instead you walk up to him and say "Fine! If you won't help YOUR brother, then I will!" you run outside to fight(thats pretty dumb) failed of course and was held by the agents of NME and then felt a sharp pain in the back of your head...BLACKOUT what is the last thing you see?
  3. you wake up in a dark room...then lights turned on above you, to your left and right. you try to move but you realize that you are tied up to a pole.
  4. you hear a groan and you look to your left and there's Luke! then you hear a whine you look over to your right and there's Michael! they are both in pain becaus they were hit with something before they were knocked out as well. Just then the door comes Preston.
  5. "Well...hello beautiful" says Preston smiling at you. you just stare at him(Oh if looks could kill)"Where is Robert?!" you demand. Preston laughs at you and says "Robert? that guy? he's right here(gestures hand to his left and a blue force field apears)"
  6. you look through the force field and there was Robert floating upright unconsious!! "ROBERT!" you, Michael, and Luke say in unison. Luke looks at you and his face says it all "Im so sorry ___" is what Luke's face said...But you give him a "Oh so NOW u wanna believe late pal" and then you see Luke's adam's apple go up and down. Then you look at Michael...and you can tell he regrets talking to you like the way he did back at HQ. you give him a softer look than the look you gave Luke...but still made sure Mike understood. He did...and puts his head that a tear?
  7. "Ok ___ if you want to save your precious little Robert...there is only one way" Preston sneered. "Which is...??" you ask. "It's very simple really...go back to your little HQ, learn how to fight, then come back and TRY to save him." says Preston. "How much time do we have?" asks Luke. "mmmmm...About a year" says Preston. "A year?!?! but it takes FOUR years to just train ONE agent!" exclaims Michael. "no No NO! there HAS to be another way!" Luke yells. "Hey! what can I say? Master's rules" says Preston.
  8. "Again...One year..goodbye!" says Preston as he pulls a latch, which sends you, Michael and Luke down three tubes. the next thing you know you are outside NME's HQ....nothing to ride on or walk. You finally reach HQ by sunset.
  9. The next morning you wake up with the smell of pancakes drifting under your nose. you follow the smell until you reach the kitchen(which is, yes, huge) and finds Michael making breafast. He looks at you then turns away..."I'm sorry for acting the way i did ___. I never ment to hurt you in any kind of way.It was just to hard to believe. I'm so sorry ____" whispers Michael as another tear falls down his cheek. you wipe his tear away, then you two both share a big hug. All of a sudden you smell somthing burning...uh oh....burnt pancakes!
  10. you go look for Luke and finds him in the garden...the same place you and him talked together. You see him smelling a red rose....the same rose he gave you. his face is so full of regret and pain. you walk over and sit next to him. You look at him, but he's not lookin at you.
  11. "___....CLIFFHANGER!! comment and rate!!!

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