Is he in to me?

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Have you been thinking about him? Have you been thinking about him thinking about you? Do you feel like now is the time to take action and see if actually feels for you? Then this quiz is for you.

How into you IS he REALLY? Take this simple test to see into the mind of your special someone and see if you could actually use that cute couple name you created in your notebook, joshica.

Created by: TheRelationshipMaster
  1. If you have social media, is he following/friends/subscribing to your accounts.
  2. Do you text?
  3. Big question: does he have a girlfriend?
  4. Does he go out of the way to talk to you?
  5. Has he ever tried to be violent towards you in a flirtatious manner?
  6. Does he flirt with you when he has a girlfriend -- say no if he doesn't have a girlfriend or is he doesn't.
  7. Has he said he has found you attractive, cute, hot, etc?
  8. Is he a very flirty person in general
  9. Have you dated before
  10. Do you think he likes you?

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