How Smart Are You?

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Brains Are Smart. They Are Your Thinking Factory. And They Are A Organ. They Are In Your Head Thinking And Thinking. They Are Your Mind. So Are You Ready For The Test?

There Is 12 Tests! You Need To Pass Hard Tests Only If You Are A Kid. They Are Easy Only If You Are A Grown Up. Remember Its A Test. There Is Some You Didn,t Know. Some You Did Know. Now Its Time For The Test!

Created by: Evan

  1. How Does Most Men And Woman Die A Cow Or A Shark.
  2. How Are We Born In A Tummy?
  3. Which Utensil Can You Die From?
  4. Where Is Disney World?
  5. How Much Teeth Does A Great White Shark Have?
  6. How Much People Is In The USA?
  7. What Does Migrate Mean.
  8. What Would Happen If All The Sharks Were Dead!
  9. Why Do You Pronounce Would Without The L?
  10. Jingle Bells......
  11. Its Angry Its A Bird ITS A.....
  12. This Mailbox Is ****. Its From The Mine Song.

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