I can read your mind!!(No trickery going on)

Hello! I am an Amateur Mind-Reader! I will try to read your mind! As it says in the title there is definitely NO trickery going on! Please think of a number between 2-8 before you take this quiz. Keep that number in your head while taking the quiz. At the end of the quiz your result will tell you if I managed to guess the number you were thinking of. This quiz consists of 12 questions. Have fun!

Can I read YOUR mind? Will I be able to guess what YOU'RE thinking? Your answer is possibly "no". But maybe your answer will turn to a "yes" in a few minutes. Good luck! Enjoy the quiz!

Created by: Natalya
  1. Does your first name begin with any of these letters? S,E,V, or N.
  2. Does your first name begin with any of these letters? T,H, or R.
  3. What number are you thinking of right now?
  4. Did I just read your mind? You are taking this quiz because you want to see if I can read your mind. Did I or not?
  5. What is your lucky number?
  6. Are you a teenager?
  7. Are you an adult?
  8. Guess my name. Which of these do you think is my name?
  9. Where do you eat at home?
  10. Will I read your mind?

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Quiz topic: I can read my mind!!(No trickery going on)