I Will Try To Read Your Mind!

This guy, Nazifur, has made a wonderful quiz for the users. What you do before taking a quiz? You are right, you will see the quiz name. So what is the name of this quiz. It's a mind-reading quiz. And now I will read your mind. I will not hurt your brain.

This is a great quiz. A mind-reading quiz. Seems cool and nice. Is it? So, do you think that I'll read your mind. Definitely your answer is "No". But I can do this. So I made this quiz. I learned from an Illusionist. Illusionist is one who perform magic tricks that is strange.

Created by: Nazifur Rohman
  1. What you are thinking now in your mind after reading this?
  2. What is your favourite number?
  3. What is your favourite color?
  4. Which question is this?
  5. What is your favourite character?
  6. Do your Girlfriend/Boyfriend really likes you?
  7. What is your type of mind?
  8. Are all these questions stupid?
  9. Do you think that I will read your mind?
  10. Are you sure that I will read your mind?

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Quiz topic: I Will Try To Read my Mind!