Are You Brainwashed?

The media, the government, yourn neighbor, the magazine at the bookstore. All these are information you've gathered in your mind, and things you've used to form opinions about different issues.

Are you brainwashed? Find out if you've been told the truth, and find out if you can think for yourself, and form your own opinions. Thinking for yourself requires doing research or gathering information and formning opinions on what you believe to be right. Think for yourself and take this quiz!

Created by: katie
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  1. Do you believe the government tells the truth?
  2. Do you believe the media tells the truth?
  3. Does the government control the media?
  4. Do you believe terrorist attacks were made on September 11, 2001?
  5. If you answered no to the question before select the choice "Skip" If you answered yes or maybe, do you believe the attacks were made by foreign people? (Muslims, arabs, russians, israelis, or other)
  6. Do you believe the World Trade Centers were destroyed by a plane crashing into them?
  7. Do you believe that the government has checks and balances, and follows them accordingly?
  8. Do you believe that the Eurpoeans that don't agree with us are traitors and/or effete appeasers?
  9. If someone has the opinion that the Bush administration, the government, or the United States had something to do with 9/11 do you conisder them a conspiracy theorist? (conspiracy nut, crazy, etc.)
  10. Do you believe the media is liberal?
  11. Do you beleive the economy took a fall because of 9/11?
  12. Do you believe the stock market took a fall because of 9/11?
  13. Do you believe aliens exist?
  14. If you answered No to the question before choose "skip" If you answered yes do you believe that aliens only exist on other planets, or very far away?
  15. Do you believe that aliens are abnormal looking creatures, that look, act, and/or think nothing like humans?
  16. Do you believe that aliens can communicate with us?
  17. Do the issues in this quiz, upset you, make you angry, and/or make you think more about whats going on in the world?
  18. After taking this quiz, do you feel confused, misinformed, and/or tricked?

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