Are you a PETArd?

There are lots of people who care about animals, and organizations, too. Some, like PETA, are too extreme, and few (if any more than one)have a dark side. PETA is one of these.

PETA euthanizes thousands of healthy animals every year, and isn't planning on stopping. They have a site for young members "PETA2". The youngsters get completely brainwashed.

Created by: Miriam

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  1. What is PETA?
  2. Who is Ingrid Newkirk?
  3. You see your neighbor walking his/her dog, you:
  4. You see a dead squirrel that got run over, you:
  5. Your friend has two parakeets you:
  6. Your family is eating a chicken. You:
  7. One of your friends has recently become a huge supporter of PETA; what do you say?
  8. Your friend drinks some milk; what do you say?
  9. Why did the chicken cross the road?
  10. How many PETA stickers do you have?

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Quiz topic: Am I a PETArd?