Are you a animal lover?

Take this quiz to find out if you love animals or not.A true animal lover would like to have every single animal in the world.There are animal lovers out there and some are visible and some are not.The that are visible is zookeepers and people with so many pets that they take care of are animal lovers.Find out if you really care about animals.

This quiz is easy and is very simple to do.Animals should be cared for not killed.Some people believe we could make a change by helping animals and show them we care about them.Animals could like us if they trust us,we could show them a difference by not hurting their kind.Please rate this quiz at the end.

Created by: alexandra
  1. Which group of animals is safer?
  2. Do you take care of any animals?
  3. Do you know more about dogs than cats?
  4. Do you know more about cats than dogs?
  5. Have you ever been with some else's pet before?
  6. Do you take care of a pet?
  7. Do you love animals, even when they are mean?
  8. Do you wish you could help every animal in the world if they need help?
  9. Have you been with a goat?
  10. Do most animals trust you when they see you?
  11. Do you try helping a animal that seems to be hurt?
  12. Do you take care of a pet now?

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Quiz topic: Am I a animal lover?