is he crushing on me

Everyone wonders about who you are going to marry when they grow up, if they are going to marry someone, so why not get a head start while you are young.

This quiz will tell you if someone is crushing on you or if the person you like likes you back. This quiz is for boys and girls so don't be afraid to try it out.

Created by: hami

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  1. What do they do when they see you
  2. Do they call, text or email you
  3. Have they ever touched you in any way
  4. Have you dated them or was friends with them at any point
  5. do they know who you are
  6. do you know who they are
  7. have they, or their friends ask you if you are dating anyone
  8. have they, or their friends ask you if you like him/her
  9. how do they comment you
  10. do they stare at you

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