Does he like you?

Have you ever wondered if he likes you? Find out! This quiz will analyze clues and actions to see if that guy on your wish list is crushing on you! I for one have always wondered if that guy is crushing on me, so this quiz is dedicated to all those girls wondering and hoping out there!

Now, if you get a result that's something like, he doesn't like you, then don't take it seriously. There's always a chance, but this quiz is just to estimate the chances, like little, big, definite and so on. Enjoy the quiz!

Created by: Mari
  1. How does he act around you?
  2. Has he ever approached you outside school? (coincidental or on purpose)
  3. Who usually starts the conversation?
  4. Are you one of his best friends that are girls??
  5. How often do you talk?
  6. Has he ever touched you?
  7. Do you/he have your phone number?
  8. Do you flirt?
  9. When you see each other in the hallway, he
  10. Do you honestly think he likes you?
  11. Do your friends think he likes you?

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