Did He Use You?

There are many girls out there who are left wondering "Does he actually care about me? Or did he use me?". Some guys seem to have this thing where they don't like to express their deep down feelings that much. And if he won't tell you if he's using you or not, Well, sometimes we can tell by his actions.

I was motivated to make this quiz because I myself felt used at one point. I wasn't sure what to think, and maybe if I take this quiz, my own quiz, I'll get my answer. And maybe you will too.

Created by: n!na
  1. How long have you known this dude?
  2. Has he been flirting with you?
  3. Does he flirt with other girls too?
  4. Have you guys kissed or done anything more?
  5. Did he kiss and diss you? Meaning, did he call or contact you after you kissed?
  6. Did he do the same thing to another girl? Kiss and Diss?
  7. Does he have a girlfriend now?
  8. Did he talk dirty to you?
  9. Did he ever tell you he loved you?
  10. Do YOU think he used you?

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