Does she like you?

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Are you crushing on a girl? Do you wanna know if she likes you? well you have came to the right place! find out if she likes you by answering simple questions and get done in minutes!

Its the big day, you get to see what your crush thinks of you!! does she think your a DOPE? Does She like you? Does she sorta like you!?!? take this quiz and find out!

Created by: Samantha Vasquez

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  1. if girls like something more than being told they are pretty, its being told they are prettier than other girls. how pretty do you think she is
  2. do you ever catch her looking at you in class?
  3. what do you do when she walks by
  4. do you ever fall into a fantasy about you two?
  5. do people ever spread rumors about you guys?
  6. has she ever poked you, pushed you, flinged a rubber band at you, any little thing like that?
  7. does she ever smile at you?
  8. Did you like the quiz?
  9. pick the correct dot for a random result
  10. Bye!

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