Does this guy like you?

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Everyone had crushed on somebody at one point or another in their life! It's very normal. Who doesn't like to be someone else's crush! Everybody wants an admirer, more or less.

So, do you think somebody is crushing on you? Maybe you have sensed something, but not so sure? Take this almost accurate quiz, and find out if he really likes you in minutes!

Created by: Flower Girl

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  1. Does he do anything to impress you? Like showing off his intellect, skills, out-smarting you?
  2. Does he compliment you?
  3. Do you think he cyber-stalks you?
  4. Do you sometimes catch him looking at you?
  5. Does he imitate you? Like playing your favourite songs, reading your favourite books, imitating your talking/writing style?
  6. Does he do anything to get your attention in real life or on social networking websites? (such as- liking stuff on facebook you like, like almost all of your photos or status updates etc., talking a bit loudly when you're around, laughing loudly etc.)
  7. Does he shows interest in what you have to say? Does he ask a lot of questions?
  8. Does he sometimes try to be mean towards you (in a good way, like, teasing you) and ONLY you?
  9. Has he become more romantic these days?
  10. Does your instinct tell you that he has a crush on you?
  11. Final question, does he act stupidly or clumsily sometimes?

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