Is fat in your future??(females over 18)

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Are you curious if you’ll be fat in the future? This quiz is great for women 18-25. Accurate! Please try this quiz for freeeee! There are several questions regarding self image, this quiz also can tell you if you need to eat more. Including tough-love statements and encouragement for shaping your body <3!

Fat, chunky, average, skinny, anorexic? Ok I have nothing more to say.... do you like Hamilton?? Harry Potter? Lord of the rings?? Oh gosh I’m such a nerd. GREAT! 150 words. Ok take the quiz now byeeeeee!

Created by: Boofergang
  1. Stand up look down, does your shirt stick our at all?
  2. Now sit down, but straight posture, belly rolls??
  3. What’s your current status
  4. Do you want to be fat? Don’t worry we won’t judge.
  5. Do you feel comfortable wearing a bikini? (How do you look really)
  6. Have you noticed a change in weight?
  7. most of your friends are:
  8. Other people describe you as (hand your phone to friend if you can)
  9. Stand up, look in the mirror. You:
  10. Last question: in a relationship you would prefer

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Quiz topic: Is fat in my future??(females over 18)