Do you Want To be Fat?

In this quiz I made a mistake and put chubby instead of average so please if you get that just pretend that you are average ok? This is my first ever quiz so please be polite.

In quiz,you will reach into the future and see whether you will be skinny,chubby (average) or fat.Will you work out,stay normal,or eat all day,every day? Find out in this amazing quiz!

Created by: Kwerbokop

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  1. What do you eat when you go to a restaurant?
  2. Someone you love encourages you to gain weight.You:
  3. Imagine This: You are in subway,eating a delicious Italian BLC when along comes your worst enemy with her salad. She rudely pokes your belly and says: "Oh my goodness! Time to lay off those carbs!" What do you do in reply???
  4. Is your mum or dad fat?
  5. Ok,so you have gained quite a few pounds now,and your crush asks you out on a date TONIGHT! Obviously you say yes,but you can't find anything to wear except that jumper your nan knitted for you at Christmas and a pair of old skinny jeans.You think that will do.You order a little McDonald's as a treat for your crush,but you can't help but order one for yourself.You scoff that in your car,then quicky drive off to your crush's house.She/he takes you to your favourite restaurant to have a 3 course dinner.By the end of the main you feel stuffed,but everyone likes pudding so you carry on eating.Just before you finish your last bite,your jumper rips and the button on your jeans rip! Your crush likes you as sexy as you are,but you're embarrassed because your almost naked in a public resturant.You:
  6. Your mum forces you to go to the gym with her, even though she knows that you don't like working out.How do you react?
  7. What food down here do you like the most
  8. Stand up and look down.What do you see?
  9. Sit down and look down.What do you see?
  10. Imagine you wake up one morning and you find that you have become extremely fat,with fat dangling over your limbs and your belly.How do you feel

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Quiz topic: Do I Want To be Fat?