Irrevocable Love part 4

This is part 4 as you may have read in the title. I added pics this time!!!! So yay! Its gonna be fun I promise....I love ya'll :) comment your favorite part in the quiz :) I love hearing from nice please

The pic. of Nathan is when he's romantic (rose petal red) just a FYI :) you guys are you guys so much :) some credit goes to my master-mind >:)

Created by: ilovesasuke

  1. He comes closer, your hands are in loose fists on his chest. His temperature is colder, a lot colder than you remember. Closer and closer, now just centimeters away. You both hear a twig break in a distance, he turns his head as you did as well.
  2. Just in that moment two wolves almost the size of Wolfe and Tala appear from behind two trees. One was brown with a silver dot on its head with bright blue eyes that glow even in day. The other was dark brown..almost black with dark emerald green eyes they come forward towards you and Nathan, playful shoving each other. They change into human form as they kept walking. "_____ your not supposed to stop," said the female. You look through the fog which was lifting, "Rebecca?" you call out, "duh who else," she said playfully, "so you're--," "a werewolf, yes," she said cutting you off. "So is that your boyfriend," you tease. "Is that your boyfriend," she says back. You blush a little, "," "yeah, this is Adam," she said grabbing his hand.
  3. "____ do you know them," asked Nathan quietly. "Yeah, that's Rebecca, she's been my best friend since 7th grade.....I moved a lot," you tell him, "and that's her boyfriend I never knew about until just recently," you giggle. They follow you back to the hideout and you see Tala and Connor fighting, Dylan freaking out, and Wolfe trying to break it up. Tala stabs Connor with a knife in his chest, Connor lie there, motionless. You stand there frozen, shocked at what you seen. Then everybody starts laughing, except you. "Oh man we got you good ____," Tala laughs, "what are you talking about? Why is everybody laughing," Connor sits up laughing as hard as he can, "oh-my stomach hurts," he continues laughing. "You just got pranked," said Rebecca.
  4. Connor pulled the knife out of him as he was laughing, "that was a fake knife wasn't it," you say. "Nope as real as you and me," said Connor. "Yeah you wish it was you and her," said Nathan teasing, "look who's talking," fired back Connor playfully. Rebecca was talking with Adam, then they both turned to you, then she announced, "I'm pretty sure we know about her powers...that's partially the reason you protect her." Powers? You ask yourself, "what do you mean by powers Rebecca," you ask. "_____ you have the power to defeat Marcus and his army, you have many powers, you can control the and Adam will teach you ice and water," she said to you. Adam was playing with his water abilities, then Rebecca turned the water to ice in a split second.
  5. You laughed as he looked at her with an adorable, are you serious face. She laughed and shrugged then went to him and cuddled with him. "So who's Marcus," you ask, "Marcus is the head leader who wants you dead because you have enough power to defeat his entire army including him," Adam informed you with a serious, deep tone. "We need to train your abilities to help you fight against him," said Rebecca also in a serious tone.
  6. "So when do we start training," you ask Rebecca. "How about...right now!!!" she said dragging you by your forearm. Adam first taught you how to pull water out of the air and plants. He pulled the water out so perfectly, a spider web of water dew, it looked amazing, as a rainbow of color reflected light off the water. You copied him, you did it so perfectly...then you lost concentration and all the water almost fell on you. Adam caught the water about to fall on you, It was a light sheet of water over you, you put your hand up to touch the water...then Adam messed with you and made all the water fall on you. You then stand soaking wet, then you unknowingly get automatically dry.
  7. "Ok my turn," said Rebecca. "You already learned water, now lets do ice," she said freezing a flower. "Think of a really cold snow and stuff," she said with a smile. You thought of being cold, alone, in a tundra atmosphere. When you opened your eyes, you froze a flower perfectly. "My work here is done," said Rebecca. Later that night, you hear noise, like the sound of chairs and tables being pushed around. You quietly check it out, you peer around a corner, you think its a big muscular male with blonde hair....when it turns around, you see it's Mrs. Agguillard, your algebra teacher. You stand there shocked, you apply what Rebecca taught you and you freeze her, you see Tala lying there, injured. She starts coming towards you, you run into a familiar cold figure, Nathan, and hide behind him. You escape outside and find Rebecca with Adam, you run towards them out of breath. "____ what is it? Did one of those guys try to get lucky with you," you shake your head, "Talas hurt, Mrs.Agguillard in there....hurt him...fighting with Nathan...need to help him," you manage to say.
  8. Her eyes turn dark, then she turns into the wolf you seen earlier with the silver dot on its head. Adam couldn't let her go alone, Connor took you by your forearm and began running, "you wanna get on my back," he asks, you nod, "sorry Nathan told me to take you far away from there," he said. You both hear a piercing scream, you get off his back and run towards the hideout, you see a white wolf be thrown through the wall of he hideout you then sprint into the hideout, and start to attack her. You pull her blonde hair and throw her out the hole she made in the wall. Then Rebecca, as a werewolf, drug her into the woods with Adam trailing behind her.
  9. You go to check on Tala, you find he was over reacting, he had a gash on his arm, which Nathan wrapped, Wolfe had a few bruises on him. Nathan looked untouched, but he couldn't handle her ugliness. You hug him to relieve your worries, then Wolfe wakes up you gave him some pain medicine, he had landed on a rock that hit his head. You kiss his cheek, "I was so worried Wolfe," you say, "I think I'm better now," he said as he kissed your cheek. Rebecca came back as a human hiding Adams hand behind her,"Got her taken care of," Adam said in a playful tone smiling at Rebecca. You were confused, "how did she know where we were," "Hmm that means we should find a different place...but where."
  10. "I got a place," said a familiar deep voice with glowing pale blue eyes. "Oh hey Chad," said Wolfe happily. Your heart stops beating and drops a while, he moves towards you and gets on one knee in front of you, "aww Chads proposing," said Rebecca playfully then starts to laugh. Chad continues, "_____ I'm sorry about what I said, I didn't mean it," he said with sorrowful eyes. CLIFFHANGER!!! ;)

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