Irrevocable Love Part 10

Well my reasons for being late are in the results. I hope this is on the newest quizzes list because for the past few parts, they haven't been in them...maybe I need to put something like a smiley?

Hmm well I guess I'll do that ^.^ today is my two-year twins b-day he's 13 today ^.^ yay but he's on crutches :( bike wreck but anywho to recap you were telling the guys about your dream.

Created by: ilovesasuke

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  1. "," said Tala feared of what he had just heard. "_______, no wonder you were acting that way..oh my gosh _____," said Nathan in a soothing voice that sounded so sweet you wanted to cry. He put his arms around you and held you tightly, but gently. You hug him back lightly and he kisses the top of your head, "____ I would never do that to you... wow, that's just awful ____," said Nathan surprised and scared for the first time.
  2. Adam comes in with one arm over Rebeccas neck, "why didn't anybody tell me we were having a meeting in ______s room," said Rebecca sleepily. They all look at Rebecca with wide eyes. "What? Woman can't sleep with her boyfriend in the same bed? Its not like we do anything....just....make out occasionally I mean cuddle yep I said cuddle that's all we do yup cuddle cuddle cuddle....who said we don't," said Rebecca hostile but quickly. "Its 3 in the afternoon and you still are tired?!? How long do you stay up," said Wolfe. "How much do I sleep," "a lot," "there's your answer," said Rebecca with an accomplished smile on her face.
  3. Wolfe rolled his eyes at her smile, "whatever." Rebecca looked over to where Nathan and Tala was, "so let me guess....another bad dream?," said Rebecca. "Yup," said Nathan brushing hair out of your face gently with his fingers.
  4. "Why don't we take a walk around the beach," suggested Connor, "to take your mind off your dream."Sure," you say looking out your window, "the water looks so blue today." You all get ready to go out to walk the beach shore. You wear:
  5. You walk out the house/hut to the ocean shore. You feel the soft foam touch your feet, it made you shiver at first. You all see a figure walk towards you all. "Who could that be? Nobody is supposed to know we're here right," you ask frozen in your tracks.
  6. The figure comes closer to you guys slowly. All of a sudden, the guys drop to the ground in pain. You look at the guys, even Rebecca and Adam are down. Then you feel paralyzed. 'I can't move, my muscles are stiff...if I*grunts in pain* why can't I move?!?' You think to yourself. Just then a pale male figure comes to you, "well, you have some tolerance to my power," said the guy. He then picked you up bridal style, "'re you eat?" Then he drops you, but you're caught by Jessie. You then see Nathan beating him senseless, then the rest of the guys join in. They all drop in pain again, then you see nothing but gray smoke. "Its a smoke bomb, don't breathe for a few seconds, his has poison," Jessie explains pressing you into his chest. You can hear his heart pounding at least a million miles an hour.
  7. Just then after a few seconds the smoke cleared you all looked around for the guy. "Who was that," you ask. "That was Vladimir, he works for Marcus," Jessie explained carefully, "he used his paralysis power to paralyze us all, his mind can trigger your main nerve mixed with his energy, then you drop, you try to move it'll put you through more pain," said Jessie.
  8. "A good thing is, he's easily side tracked...somethings can break his concentration," said Nathan. "Like when he was talking about my weight?," you suggest an example. "Yeah like that," said Wolfe agreeing.
  9. Once everyone is back to normal, Rebecca comes over to you, "I'm gonna train you whether you like it or not," "I like it when we make it funny," you say happily. "Oh...well....COME ON LETS GO TRAIN," she said in a happy/funny voice. She then trained you to make ice weapons and fight with them. "Good now you know how to fight with weapons made from practice with.....CONNOR GET OVER HERE!!!! Adam...I need you for a minute," she called for them. "You guys are gonna practice with _____," instructed Rebecca. "Be careful with my Adam ok ____?," she said to you with puppy eyes. "Ok," you say thrilled. You look at them both with fierce eyes.
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!!!! >:) My bad guys :( I have my reason for being late on this part in the results ^.^ plus its my bros b-day and yesterday he had to go to the ER because he hurt his knee....scraped it from a bike wreck he was going fast and....hit a hole in the road...THEY NEED TO FREAKING FIX THOSE THINGS BEFORE I GET THESE STUPID TRAILER PARK PEOPLE.....deep breaths ilovesasuke * inhaled and exhales deeply* ok I'm good now....I don't like it when people hurt my family...its their fault they haven't fixed these stupid roads in like forever, but oh well :P I've had a crappy month last month and I need a hug lol ^.^ but who's your candyman XD

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