Invader zim quiz

Do you think you know everything about invader zim. take this quiz to find out if you really are a smart alec when it comes to zim. I dont think you can ever be a bigger fan than me

Go on try the quiz see how invader zim wise you really are. Do you think you are a huge fan, you may be wrong. FIND OUT! "Take the quiz you filthy human" as zim would say

Created by: kane of invader zim world
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  1. In what episode was Gir yelling "im running im running!" at the start
  2. Who is the creator of invader zim
  3. What is dib's favourite show
  4. What is dib's sister named
  5. What one of these is a show in invader zim
  6. what one of these is not an episode?
  7. What are the tallests name?
  8. What race is Zim?
  9. Which one of these episodes was cancelled
  10. Finish this sentence "WHY IS THERE ... IN THE SOAP!"
  11. What does the "G" in Gir stand for
  12. What episode is the ham demon from?

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