The Quiz of Inferior Decision making.

This quiz is not meant to entertain or evaluate your intelligence, kissing ability, intelligence, aptitude, favorite color, game, stereotype, woman, man, hermaphrodite, alien mistress from beyond the stars or RANDOMNESS

Anybody who says either of the following: "It isn't random if you think about it" You're correct, only because people use the word incorrectly. It's called 'spontaneous' or 'unexpected' "RANDOM= CHEEEESEEE INVADER ZIM LOLOLOLOL OMFG PENGUINS, PIE!!! MUFFINS!!! LOLOMFGBBQ" Stop, breathing, for the love of your countrymen. Thank you.

Created by: Lanier/ Aruwind

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Kaw
  3. What are fish?
  4. Explain the basic principles of rotary mechanics
  5. Hobo
  6. Itsa me
  7. Park the car
  8. Smoke
  10. Women
  11. Do you feel satisfied that your intelligence has reached the obligatory appetite for the pursuit of web-based, incompetently made, tests that falter on incompetence?

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