How Pro Are You In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang?

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is an online multiplayer battleground game with a five-versus-five arena. It is a strategy game that needs quick decision-making ability and the skill to work in teams.

This quiz is hand-designed to test how much skilled are you in the game. There is no single correct answer to some questions. You'll be placed in situations and your decision-making ability will be tested.

Created by: Jeeshan

  1. Let's start with the basics! Your team has a Fanny who can't land her cables perfectly. She comes to take the buff. You're playing Saber and you want the buff for yourself. What do you do?
  2. Your team has just wiped out the enemy. Your tank has 1/4th HP left and you have 2/3rd HP left. (You have lifesteal). Other teammates are dead. The cooldown for the enemy to revive again is 20 seconds. In midlane, the enemy's inhibitor turret is left. What do you do?
  3. Your team is ganking in the top lane and it is 4 versus 5. You check them and it is going well - your team isn't going to die. You're in the bottom lane. What do you do?
  4. You have two options - take the enemy buff or take down a turret. Which one do you do?
  5. The enemy has marksman: Lesley and she is locking on you since you're the most damage dealer from your team. Lesley has two Berserker's Fury. Which item do you build to defend yourself?
  6. Now, you're playing Lesley and one of the enemies has built defense items with full armor (100+). What do you build?
  7. Is it possible to take down turrets using first two minion waves?
  8. Another basic question! The enemy has taken down the first two turrets in mid lane. And your team has taken down the first two turrets in bottom lane. There is a group fight in top lane and your team is losing. You will not reach there in time. What do you do?
  9. You are playing a tank and you have 5K-0D-7A. Your team assassin has 3K-0D-3A. What conclusion do you come to?
  10. You are playing tank once again. It is 5-minutes into the game. Your team marksman has got 0 kills. And you have got 1 kill. What conclusion do you come to?
  11. At last, your team is filled with noobs and they are feeding at an insane rate. What do you do?

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