can you make your own decitions?

do you think you have trouble making decisions? well then this is the quiz for you. It tells you if you can make your own decisions or if you need a little help in that area. It even lets you know it you make to many decisions by yourself. The results will also help you your phobia of decision makeing.

Decision making can be a hard thing. so you think you can make your own "smart decisions"? here is the chance for you to find out. the "Can you make your own decision?" quiz tells you wether or not you can make your own decisions and how to make some smart decsions at that.

Created by: Amanda
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. when you get up in the morning do you know what your going to where?
  2. when asked what you your favorite sport is
  3. what is your favorite color
  4. where is the one place you've always wanted to visit
  5. do you have a best friend?
  6. flowers, do you like them?
  7. fruits or veggies
  8. math, science or english?
  9. summer or winter?
  10. black & white T.V. or color T.V.?

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Quiz topic: Can I make my own decitions?