what character are you from invader Zim

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This quiz is all things Gir. Do you think that you know Invader Zim's best friend? Are you a robotic genius or an evil genius. Well, in a few quick questions you could find out.

Do you know the episodes that have kept evil geniuses entertained for generations? Do you have your own plans for galactic domination? Then I invite you to join the legion.

Created by: Victoria A. Hendricks

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  1. OK,the first question is,do you want to rule the world?
  2. do you like pizza????
  3. do you like waffles???
  4. DO YOU LIKE tacos??
  5. do you laugh at pain?
  6. do you like piggies????????
  7. ARE YOU AN ALIEN?????
  8. DO YOU like chocolate bubblegum????
  9. do you like hamburgers???
  10. do you cry because you miss your cupcake and you ate it????

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