Invader zim ultimate fan quiz!

This quiz tests everything you know about invader zim, now episode is used more than once so there's no way of cheating! I made another one but I lost it in cyberspace

if you find it, you mind telling me the name? thanks! hope you like my quiz!!!! I'll be making more! SO MANY MORE!!!!!!!!! have a great day, I'm only still tying cause I gotta gave 150 letters :(

Created by: Ninjawarrior
  1. In "germs", how did dib get rid of zim?
  2. in "the voting of the doomed" what limb did zim say he would chop off and replace with gold?
  3. In "lice", how many times did gaz yell whiner?
  4. In "Halloween spectacular of spooky doom" how did zim and dib get out of the nightmare world?
  5. in "the sad, sad tale of chicken foot" why did chicken man smell?
  6. How are leaders of the irkens chosen?
  7. in "rise of the zit boy" what did zim call his zit?
  8. In "tak the hideous new girl, why did zim think that tak had a crush on him?
  9. TRUE OR FALSE: in "walk of doom" did gir cry because he felt bad about getting them lost?
  10. In what episode did dib throw punch?
  11. in "zim eats waffles" what was the human's name?
  12. What did dib yell when he returned from the nightmare world in in the beginning of "Halloween spectacular of spooky doom"
  13. In "door to door" What was zim's prize for winning more money than everyone?
  14. In "game slave 2" what floor was the batteries on in battery tower?

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