How Much Do You Know About Invader Zim

This quiz is for he awesome fans of invader zim! That's right, it asked questions like: Fill in this sentence and how many mustache hairs does Ms. Bitters has?

Ok, you read it now play it! It's so cool that you'll play it again and again and again...if your stupid enough! So come on and play mah quiz because your just that cool!

Created by: InvaderYingYang
  1. Who sits behind Zim?
  2. Who is the Irken who gets sent defective SIR units?
  3. What are on Dib's PJ's?
  4. If the head's on Mars wht's the butt on?
  5. What's the home of the slaughtering rat people?
  6. On the episode with Mr. Dwicky in it, when the guy who says "Dwicky, you don't really believe in aliens do you?" says that wht was on the bottom of his mug?
  7. Who's Zim's human test subject?
  8. Finish this sentence: I'm human! Yep! Human, human, human! Just look at my _____
  9. Full in the blank: But I neeed tacos! I need them or I'll ______ .that happens sometimes.
  10. Who is Dib handcuffed to in the Lice episode
  11. What was Chickenfoots costume?
  12. How many fingers does Zim have on each hand?
  13. What is Zim's costume on the Walk Of Doom!
  14. What's the first thing Dib says ever!
  15. How many mustache lines does Ms. Bitters have?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About Invader Zim