Do you know Invader ZIM?

Do you like Invader ZIM? Its an ausome show from Nickelodeon. Gir is a robot made out of garbage can parts. He dresses up like a dog. He is crazy, but that's what makes him so cool!

Zim is an alien who is trying to take over the planet Earth. He has Red eyes and a green head. Dib knows that Zim is an alien. And so does his sister Gaz.

Created by: Wolfeyes77

  1. What food did Dib throw at Zim in the skool cafeteria?
  2. What organ does Zim have?
  3. What race is Zim from?
  4. What did Zim throw into the time machine portal to try to ruin Dib's life?
  5. Who stold the earth and tried to throw it into a dying sun?
  6. What did Dib see on a parinormal show and went to find out it was fake?
  7. When Zim was captured by aliens, they thought he was a human. What did the aliens descize there ship as?
  8. Who are Zim's leaders?
  9. How heavy was Dib's hall pass?
  10. What does Zim have that causes him to go to the nurse?
  11. What irritates Zim's skin when it touches him?
  12. What does Zim use to run his place?
  13. What does Gir say will happen to him if he dosn't get his tacos?
  14. When Gir is controlling the house, Zim went in the elevator. What did Gir tell Zim to do or else he wouldn't move.
  15. What does Zim go down to get into his layer?
  16. What does Gir tell Zim to watch out for when Zim was carrying the explosion in the hallway?
  17. Do you like Invader ZIM?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Invader ZIM?