What Invader Zim person are you

Do you love Invader Zim and always wondered what person you are. Well your at the right quizz. This quizz will let you choose between 4 diffrent people so good luck and have fun.

In this quiz you can be evil Zim. Goofy and always random Gir, quiet and some times scary Gaz. Or crazy and determand Dib. Find out who you are in this fun filled quiz. Also see if you can find the Invader Zim quotes.

Created by: Violet

  1. Whats your fav. animal
  2. What comment do other people say about you
  3. Whats your goal in life
  4. Do you talk to yourselph
  5. Do you belive in vodo and wich craft
  6. whats your faviort outfit
  7. who do you answer to
  8. do you belive in monsters and urban legends
  9. Whats you fav. tv show
  10. Do you have a short attention spand

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Quiz topic: What Invader Zim person am I