What kids show charector are you?

In the world of people like me, Avatar, Danny Phantom, and Invader Zim fill up my time. I know so much about each its scary, but then again I'm all for it.

Now which one of these charectors are you? Huh? Do you have a guess? Do you think you'll be something random like pie? You might! Haha! Enjoy the quiz peoples.

Created by: Tessa

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. You find a stuffed animal on the floor. You:
  2. Simple question: Are you a good person, or a bad person?
  3. Suddenly you realize you can bend ____. (fill in the blank)
  4. You find a genies lamp! Your first wish...?
  5. What do you normally get on your report card?
  6. What's your favorite color?
  7. Your favorite fictional thing?
  8. What is your favorite time zone?
  9. If one person were to take over the entire planet, who do you imagine it would be?
  10. Okay last question: Who do you think you'll be?

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Quiz topic: What kids show charector am I?