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  • Welcome to 96% insanity! 96%

    You have just experienced the joys of randomness. If you'd like to play again, repeat the quiz. If not, don't. I have nothing else to say to you. You may go now. Yes, you have just been dismissed. So go on, the door's that'a'way. It's not locked. No one's stopping you. I could do this all day, so if you don't wanna waste your time here... Yeah, I think I'm gonna go... I WIN!!!!!!!!!!!

    Q uite right my chap. Quite righ- A UNICORN!_ Nya nya nya nya nya nya nya!-So THATS where skittle come-Nya nya nya!- Help I can't stop- Nya nya nya!!- Singing the Nya-NYA NYA NYA!- Song!- NYA NYA NYA!!!- Ok now i'll change it..- NYAN NYAN CAT NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN!

  • 97% insanity..... OOH. I KNEW I was crazy!!!!


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