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Okay, so, first things first -- I'm basically just recreating a story I wrote on another website, on here ( just so nobody complains, that's why I'm telling this)

Basically... this is a mix between a romance and a sad story, lemme know what you think. ( don't judge too hard lmao... i got kinda tired while writing it..)

Created by: ghettobabe4ever

  1. Gnarled roots dipped into and out of the ground and twisted branches reached down, fingers grasping thin air. The trees were ancient, timeless, as they disappeared into the sky, rough with age, yet their roughness had been worn down by the soft greenness of moss that had slowly made their home there and the rain that had pattered down in the past. Wet from the late spring rainfall, the ground was dark and damp, yet I didn't mind one bit. The curled brown leaves were half-embedded in it, the dew, crisply trampled by the occasional dog walker, and the small prints of rodents and birds were crisply remembered by its form.
  2. In the canopy, birds twittered happily, chirping and calling in distant melodies to their kin and crying for their lost relatives from recent autumn hunts. If you were to listen carefully, you could even hear the soft padding of a small fox nearby, the crisp snap of dry twigs underneath her boots and the flapping of wings.The raw, earthy scent of wet mud wafted up my nostrils as I tried to breath in the crisp smell of dewy foliage and the sweet scent of forest flowers, bespeckling the ground in bells of white and sprigs of lavender.
  3. It was a beautiful sight, in all honesty, but I couldn't enjoy it. Not when I only had so much time left. A month. I had one month left, at the most, before I was to leave this earth. I was to be taken from this lovely, demonic earth, and be placed up above, in a safer world where there was no pain or suffering. No more cancer.No more pain.No more abuse.Care.Love.Affection.That's what i'll feel. I won't be lying on my back in the woods, just hoping for somebody to save me. I won't be dying all alone. I'll be where the angels rest, singing their melodic melodies that softly translate to wind down on this wretched earth. I guess I could always end up in hell, where the fires blaze wildly and the people are hotter. Ha, no. I'm kidding. Point is, i'm on my own. With nobody to hold me and say 'Max, it'll be alright.' Nope, i don't even get to hear those empty lies.I'm stuck in the woods.Dying.Cold.Starving.And there's nobody to help me.
  4. ***??? POV*** Lyrics flooded my mind as I trampled over crisp autumn leaves from the past storms that had hit these woods, my eyes glued on the forest floor, but my mind completely stuck on her lyrics. 'What do you want from me? Why don't you run from me?What are you wondering? What do you know?Why aren't you scared of me? Why do you care for me?When we all fall asleep, where do we go?'Billie Eilish. She's like a queen among these a--hole retards that make music. It's like she just looks down from her pedestal at the other singers and is like 'If only they knew they weren't as good as they thought,'Maybe that's just me b----in' though. I don't get this world. I mean, I'm a teenage girl, I shouldn't. But doesn't it suck when an adult looks you in the eyes and tells you 'Honey, the world would swallow you whole if you were to set out on your own.'?That's exactly why i'm out here. In my woods.This is the place I go when I have nowhere better to be.Most girls would hang out at the mall, or gossip to their girls, or even hang with guys -- but i'm not like most girls. I don't give a f--- about fashion, I've never played with a Barbie, and I've never once drooled over some guy just…
  5. *** Max's POV *** As I let out small gaspy breaths, drinking in each bit of air as if it may be my last gulp -- which it honestly COULD be, i began to hear furious crunches. Twigs snapped beneath the weight of some creature, most likely no longer that fox, since it sounded heavier. And, i'd almost like to believe it to be an angel, because I heard the most melodic voice singing out in a whisper with the wind.If the words weren't somewhat frightening, i'd believe it really WAS an angel. But I'd heard these words before. 'Bury a friend,' A Billie Eilish song.I know, I know. Even if you haven't known me long, you can probably tell i'm not a huge fan of her music. And i'm not. Not because it's bad or anything, but because it just doesn't fit me. Rap, hip-hop, anything upbeat.... that's me. This voice... this angelic being.... he or she seemed to enjoy darker music. Stuff with a nice twist. And I could respect that. Especially if they were able to help me out." HELP! HELLO!?' I screeched out in the faintest of whispers. 'Way to go, Max. Wasting your voice earlier was a bad choice. Even if you DID think the fox was a human at first,'
  6. *** ??? POV *** It was like Billie's words explained my life. Like she just got me. It was almost like we'd met in a past life, i mean.. if I believed in that s---, which I don't. I mean, there obviously can't be any higher beings. We're just it. We're all we are. There's no magical guy above us, using us as playthings and setting out weird destinies for us. No. I mean, it just SOUNDS absurd."HELP! HELLO!?' a voice suddenly cried out.The tip of my ear suddenly pricked up as I heard the faint cries.Somebody was out here with me.Heart slamming against my ribs, I slowly crept closer towards the sound, my black-laced boots crunching through the leaves like bones beneath my feet. Gruesome, yes... but, hey, I have to entertain myself somehow." Hello!? Is somebody there?" I sighed. No answer.'That's strange.' I thought to myself, hugging my large sweatshirt closer to my body.'It's probably just Cal messing with your mind, Felicity. Don't--'" HELLO!? I'M OVER HERE!" the voice cried out again." UHM.... WHERE'S RIGHT HERE, EXACTLY!? I AIN'T CORTANA OR NO CHIZZ!" I yelled back with an eye roll.
  7. *** Max's POV *** 'A girl. A cussing, sarcastic girl. WHY did one of THEM have to find me? Or... well... sort of find me?'" I KNOW! BY THE CREEK!" I yelled. Okay, really, it was sort of weak. Not a yell, but a small cry maybe, so the girl had to be close by, or she couldn't hear me. Unless she really was an angel. Like, a rebellious one." OKAY, I SEE IT!" she screamed back.
  8. *** Felicity's POV *** Deeper into the woods, deeper than i'd ever went before, rested a moss-covered creek, the water a glowing hue that was extremely unnatural. Especially for water.As I continued to walk a little closer, hands in my pockets, I saw it. A body. A guys body.
  9. *** Max's POV *** She had a shapely figure, the girl. It was imp-thin, almost as if she was wasp-waisted. She had glossy white skin that glowed luminously in the sun and she had slender charcoal black eyebrows that graced her face delicately.Her eyelashes, nice and thick, were velvety and draped like a cape over her rapture-blue eyes that seemed to glow with curiosity. Her nose, a dainty little snub that poked upward from her face, not too big, but definitely not too small., and her teeth shined liked halo's from beneath her pouty lips.Ebony black hair framed her face as she took a step closer towards me, eyes on me like I were some sort of deformed creature.
  10. " Uhm.... WHY are you laying in the woods like --" " I fell." I explained. A small smirk crept onto her lips as she rested her hands on her hips." And why couldn't you just stand up?"Her voice was like honey. Not bittersweet or anything, but it had a nice rasp to it that didn't make her seem too fake. It was probably there to prove she was in fact a real human being and NOT an angel." Because, I'm sick. I have a--" " Oh? Then why would you choose to be out here? I know, it's nice out here, but if I were you? I'd probably be in bed asking for chicken soup. But then again, i'm not you." she shrugged, slowly extending her stick thin hand. Her fingers were long and spindly and i almost was beginning to wonder if she were either anorexic or a skele-girl. I mean, most girls that i'd met weren't THIS thin. Maybe she starved herself for some unknown reasons." It's... difficult. Thanks, by the way." I smiled softly, graciously taking her hand and helping pull myself up from the leaves. " Sure thing, creepy forest dweller." she snickered." It's Max." " Oh? I don't give a flying f---." she shrugged, turning her back on me, black ringlets curling down her back like tentacles. " Don't. Don't…
  11. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!

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