Are you a real Billie Eilish fan?

hi :) this is my first quiz. you’ll basically know if you are real Billie Eilish fans byee <3this thing is saying that this is very short so... how are you? :)

btw I love smiley faces I’m this quiz you can be a dumb b*tch that doesn’t know nothing about her or a huge fan You can also be im the middle like a normal person :)

Created by: heyy
  1. When’s Billie’s birthday?
  2. What’s Billie’s brother name?
  3. Which lyric is from “when the party’s over”?
  4. Which of this songs isn’t from Billie?
  5. Where did Billie studied?
  6. What are Billie’s surnames?
  7. What’s Billie’s dad name?
  8. Who is Pepper?
  9. What was her Debut Single?
  10. Do you want a burrito?

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Quiz topic: Am I a real Billie Eilish fan?