Immortal Blood part 12

Ok guys this is part 12. =) sorry it was so late and im thinking of doing a new quiz tell me what you think =)

Ok guys this is part 12. =) sorry it was so late and im thinking of doing a new quiz tell me what you think =)

Created by: vampirechick1111

  1. "Run" Jack says. "No im not leaving you alone" you say and see the first guy coming at you. You slam him into the wall with your wind just as the second ones coming. You slam him into the one behind him. You turn to your left and see that Jack is fighting 3 or them and having a hard time. You manage to get one off him, but you cant get the other two without hurting Jack in the process. "_____ run and get Logan" You go to the door and see one of them is there, so instead you run through the wall. *bet he didnt expect that* you think. You start running and see the guy that was by the door come after you. You run faster and slam right into someone. "____ whats-" its Liam. He sees the guy chasing you and kills him. "What happened?" he asks looking concerned . "They-they came through the window Jack is fighting them right now, we have to help" you say. Both of you run back to the room, but when you get there their all gone.... even Jack.
  2. "JACK" You yell as you run into the room. "JACK" Logan and Liam come in behind you. You run to the bathroom to the closet no Jack. "They got him" you say. "They kidnaped him or killed him. This is all my fault" "No its not" Logan says. " Yes it is he was trying to protect me and now ill never see him again" you start to cry. "______ dont cry we'll get him back" "How? We dont know where he is or who has him or if hes even alive" Logan takes your face in his hands. "We will find him, and we will bring him back" he says. He looks so calm, so sure of himself. "Ok" you say and hug him.
  3. "Ok we need to start looking right away, but first we need a new hotel. Liam any suggestions?" "Well i do know this one place, its not much but i dont think anyone will look for us there." "Alright lets go, ______ why dont you start packing ill wait for you." "No its ok you go they wont come back.Ill meet you by your room ok?" "Are you sure?" "Yea i just need some time alone." "Ok" Logan and Liam leave the room and you start to pack. You come across some of Jacks clothes and start to cry. You think about all the times you had with Jack, how sweet he was how much you love him. *Was? no is hes alive* you think and start to cry harder. You cry for about half an hour when you hear a knock ok the door. "______ are you ok?" "Im fine" you pick up your bags take one last look around the room and walk out the door.
  4. You go outside and see that one of the counsel's cars is waiting for you. You get in and go to the hotel Liam was talking about. It's about an hour away from the hotel you were staying at. When you finally get there you see that its a old run down hotel, *well Liam was right about one thing no one will look for us here.* You get 2 rooms one for you and Logan (with 2 beds) and one for Liam. "Ok ____ we'll look for Jack first thing in the morning" says Logan "What? no we're going now" you say. "Its gonna be dark in a few hours and we dont even know where to look, we should stay here and come up with a plan" "No were going dont fight me on this Logan we have to find him" "I know but its my job to protect you now and you're not going anywhere" "Logan-" "______" "Fine but if Jack dies its gonna be your fault." you yell and run into the bathroom. You start crying. * I have to go look for him* you think, when you see the window in the bathroom.* but Im on the 5ht floor* you think. *How am i gonna get out? Wait i can fly* you give yourself a mental slap in the head. The window big enough so you easily climb through and fly away.
  5. *****Logan****** Shes so mad at me, maybe we should go out and look for a while. I knock on the bathroom door. "_____" no answer "_____ come out we can go look for Jack" still nothing. I open the door, shes not there. "Goddammit, Liam she ran away" Liam easily hears me and comes running. "What? How did you let her get away." "She flew through the window" "Smart girl" I dont like the way he talks about her or the way he looks at her... he likes her too!
  6. *****Jack****** "LET ME GO" i yell. They kidnapped me, they took me by surprise there were way too many of them. ______'s gonna come looking for me and then theyll get her, i cant let that happen I have to get out. "Hello Jack" says a male voice. "Who are you?" "Thats not important, what is important is that you need to call ____ right now and tell her to come here." "Ill never do that" "I think you will" he says and i feel someone grab my hand and chop off one of my fingers. "AHHHHHH"
  7. *******You******* You were walking down the street thinking of where Jack might be when i felt a sharp pain shoot through my hand. *what was that? It felt like someone chopped off my finger.... JACK* you start running you dont know where but you dont care,* they're torturing him and then they'll kill him i have to find him* you keep running when you hear youre phone ring.... Its Jack. "Jack? Jack? are you ok?" "Hello ______" thats not Jacks voice... "Wheres Jack" "Hes with me" "What have you done with him... i swear if you hurt him ill rip your head off" "Oh wow violent arent we?" "STOP IT! Just give Jack back" "Oh honey this doesnt work like that... but ill tell you what, why dont we make a deal you for Jack"
  8. "Fine" you say without even thinking about it. "Really?" "Yes" "Great, come to the hotel you were staying at, my people will meet you in your old room in an hour" "Fine" He hangs up. You fly to the hotel, its really far away so it takes you a good 50 min to get there. You see they still didnt repair the windows so you just fly in. Once you land 5 guys who look exactly like the ones that attacked you earlier appear with Jack. "JACK" "______ what are you doing? RUN they're gonna kill you" "Its better then them killing you." You look at one of the guys "Im here let him go" He mumbles something to the guy next to him and he comes up to you. "Gimme your hands" He takes your hands and ties them with some sort of rope. You try to see if you can break it but you cant. "Let him go now" "Now what would be the fun in that?" He says and at that moment Logan and Liam run into the room.
  9. "______!!!" Liam yells "What were you thinking?" "I had to save him" Liam has no time to answer because one of the guys starts attacking him. You look over at Logan and see that hes fighting 2 guys. Thant leaves 2 more watching Jack. *I need to get out of this rope.... wait* you imagine your hands slipping through the rope. *its just like walking through walls* You blow one of the guys into a wall, when the other sees what you're doing he rips Jacks head off. You try to attack him but one of the guys Logan was fighting grabbed you from behind. You couldnt shake him off and you were forced to watch while the love of your live was set on fire and burn.
  10. Ok thats it sorry its short but i got a bunch of finals =( anyway im thinking of doing a new story because i dont know where this one is going =( There will maybe be 3-4 more parts in this one.

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