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  • When I read through it all, I realized you really were sorry and you know what? Don't be. I deserved what you said to me, not the ohter way around. I should be the one apologizing and all those hate comments from other people? Screw them. You spoke your mind, meaning that you are a strong-willed person, that's not a bad thing. I doubt that you're an idiot and I doubt that you're a loser. Odds are, you are a smart person, since it was you who recognized the overall ignorance of our argument. It was you who made this quiz, which truly has touched me. I respect you and I won't speak a word of this to anyone else, don't worry.

    I'm noy proud of what I wrote to you, non e of it was true. And, just so you know, I didn't take anything you wrote seriously in your hate comments, since I assumed it was anger speaking and not you. Hopefully, you didn't believe wha I wrote about you, considering that it was anger speaking out.

    I hope we have overcomed this and just so you know, I didnt mean a single thing I wrote, it was all anger. I hope we've come to an agreement. Thank you for this, it really made me realize all my mistakes. I forgive you, but I sincerely hope you forgive me.

    You don't have to doall the things you said, rating high won't make much of a difference, not to mention that I don;t deserve that. At all. You do, you were the one who stopped this fight.

    I respect you, Funnymaker. I hope this goes both ways, and you know what thw worst part is? You sound like me. In real life, I mean. On the Internet, I'm a purposeful b----, but only because of my reasons.

    Thank you Funnymaker. I'MM SORRY FOR EVERYTHING.

    Ciao, and all the best ;)

  • YOU KNOW WHAT FUNNYMAKER?!?!?! I'm sorry. And you know what else? Thank you. This really did make mmy day. I did read your comments and I want you to know that I responded, but only out of anger. I seriously regret all that I said, I didn't mean those things. Odds are, you were angry at me, which is perfectly understandable. When I saw this quiz, I honestly thought it was a joke and you were gonna hate on me.

  • Nikki! You're WAY too nice. No offence to funnymaker or anything but she said sorry and so that was good and you guys can be friends but Nikki! You didn't have anything to say sorry about!!!

    tara the amazing
  • @tara: Because: it wasn't all his fault. He just spoke his mind. He got angry, but that happens to everyone. It happened to me, and I lashed out at him too. It's both our faults, so I need to apologize. Now we're cool. :P


  • Awww!!! :DD


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