IM sorry Nikki_knox

Hi everyone if your not Nikki_knox then do not take this quiz. Its really not a aquiz to tell you the truth its just me explaining how sorry i am. Please dont report this Nikki becasue its me saying sorry to you.

Theres no ending result so dont look forward to one. I just put random words becuse of the freakin boxes. So if you are not Nikki_knox then dont take this. This quiz is for you kikki,im sorry.

Created by: funnymaker

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  1. When you left me that hate message on my quiz it made me think about something-i really shouldnt talk to people that way.
  2. When i called you those names i was just upset that you kept advirtising on my quizzes and i thought that was very mean.
  3. Im sorry for those rude comments and im sorry for my responces yesturday. I didnt mean to hurt you i was just angry.
  4. Im sorry if i really did hurt your feelings but like i said i didnt mean any harm.
  5. When i seen your responces to tell you the truth i really didnt care but then i thought about it and i regret what i said to you.
  6. I really just wanna stop this because i thinks its ignorant.
  7. Did you recieve my respnces on your quiz yet? if so im sorry for those too.
  8. I will make sure to rate your quizzes everyday so they can get on the front page.
  9. Can you never mention this again?
  10. Do you forgive me?

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