If someone was chasing you, would you escape?

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If someone randomly decided to mug you on the streets, would you have a chance of escaping? Take this quiz to find out! It may be short but it could save you're life. (Very short quiz and may be bad. Proceed if you wish)

Do you have the skills to escape? I dunno... That's why this short and probably bad quiz is here to help. This quiz will make sure to tell you a hopefully accurate assumption of wether you'll escape or not

Created by: time_pilgrim

  1. Select an Enviorment that you practice anything in:
  2. You are being chased by someone who tried to mug you. You're in the city and a pole is blocking your way. How do you get over it? (Be completely honest when answering)
  3. You are being chased on the rooftops of a city. A big jump is approaching. You are sprinting. What do you do?:
  4. You are in your hometown/town after a long day of work. Someone jumps out with a knife threatening to kill you if you don't hand over your wallet. What do you do?:
  5. You are in the school when a bully threatens to beat you up. What do you do?:
  6. You are in the middle of a city when a security guard comes and tells you that you're in a restricted area when you're actually not. You explain that you're not in a restricted area but it's no use. The security guard begins to chase you. What do you do?
  7. Question: How fit are you? (Honesty please, this impacts what answer you get)
  8. You are in a abandoned city when a group of muggers show up. They know basic parkour and are really fast. They threaten to kill you if you don't hand over everything. What do you do?:
  9. Do you have any Military training, Parkour training or martial arts training?
  10. You are practicing free running when a person thinks he/she is better than you. You both have a free running competition and you win. The person who challenged you gets angry and begins to chase you. How do you run away?

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