Warrior Cats: Good or Evil

Many people read the Warrior Cat series, and think "If Tigerstar kidnapped me, I would bite his tail and escape." I'm not so sure about that, not sure at all.

In that situation, are you sure you would do the right thing to escape? Can you escape from Tigerstar? Will you make the Good choices, or will you make the bad ones?

Created by: Rave098
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  1. Ok, are you ready to take the quiz? No effect
  2. It all starts out with the apprentice version of you, and the warrior version of your best friend going out hunting. You good so far?
  3. You are chasing after a rabbit, and outpacing your friend. You soon are out of sight of them. Then you relise that you ran into Shadowclan territory!
  4. As you are looking around, a cat with an (un)familiar sent attacks you! The cat forces you onto your back, and as you look at the cat, you see it's Tigerstar!
  5. (If you greet Tigerstar with, "Hey bud, how ya doing?") "(Insert name), how are you? I did not expect a warrior of mine to be in my old territory!"
  6. (If you didn't choose that. the rest of the quiz will be based on the kind of outcome! Tigerstar grabs you by your neck and hauls you into a small ravine. He says if you try and escape, you will regret it forever. He covers all the exits of the ravine and leaves you there. What do you do?
  7. Tigerstar comes back with a some mice. He uncovers the exits, and he tosses a couple down to you. He covers up the bottom part of the exit. You don't like being in this ravine, so you jump up to the top part of the exit and run out! Tigerstar sees you running, so he tackles you down! What now?
  8. Is this quiz good so far?
  9. Do you want me to do another? If you do, put it in the comments!
  10. This is the end now! How you acted in this adventure will determine if you'll go to dark forest, or the Starclan hunting grounds!

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