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Hey guys! This is my third part of this series and.... **spoiler alert ** this one is PRETTY juicy, so be prepared for anything. This one took me like... I dunno.... Half an hour to make? I think... Lemme know what you think.

okay, now I'm just trying to fill space. Dora Dora Dora the explorer, who's that super cool exploradora? Grab your backpack, let's go! Jump on in, vaminos! You can lead the way-hay, hey, hey! D-d-d-dora, d-d-d-dora, swiper no swiping, swiper no swiping, aww man! Dora the explorer! XDDD

Created by: ghettobabe4ever

  1. Once I left the bar, I met up with Gavin, who greeted me with an excited smile. "You're alive!" he cheered, pulling my body against his. "Of course I am, silly. " I giggled, giving a smile as his forehead pressed against mine.
  2. "Gavin, I thought you said we'd just be going to talk to my mom. " I whispered, his brows arching as he wrapped an arm around my waist. "Yes., and we will. But first, maybe you could answer a question for me." he chuckled softly into my ear sending a chill up my spine. "And what's this question?" I asked, playing along with his game, though I knew where this was going. "Would you... Tell me... Your favorite.. Part of school?" he asked inbetween kisses. "Well. Your class is definitely a plus. " I giggled as he kissed the corners of my lips teasingly, driving me insane.
  3. "What part.. Of my class... Do you like.. Best?" he asked, putting my hands into his. "When you strut past my desk, giving that cocky smile of yours, picking the most vulnerable students to answer your questions." I whispered, giving him a flirtatious smile that sent a smile to his face. " Maybe next time I'll even sit on your desk." he flirted, gently pushing my body against his car. "Maybe you could. But I doubt my friend, Aaron, would appreciate it." I giggled, his stomach pressed against mine as our lips lightly brushed against each other. "He likes you. You know that, right?" he whispered tracing each curve of my face. "No he doesn't. We're just really good friends." I insisted. "Babe, I hate to break it to you, but he really does like you. He told me so himself, once you left the room.," he chuckled. "Gavin, I want to go home." I huffed, pulling away from him in rage. "Sure, sure. Just give me one kiss. " he insisted, our lips colliding passionately. Before I knew it, he had already pulled his shirt off and was attempting to do the same to me.
  4. "Gavin. Not now. " I insisted, yanking my shirt down with a growl. "Later?" he asked. "Gav. Look, this isn't a healthy student-teacher relationship. Your supposed to want what's best for me, not what's best for both of us. I like you, I do... But I don't want to be the girl who's dating her teacher. It'd ruin both of our lives. " I insisted, giving his cheek a pat before getting into his car. "Valerie. I don't care. I'd lose my job if only I could have you." he whispered, obviously a little out of it. "Gavin, are you drunk?" I asked , putting a hand to his face. "I dunno. Am i?" he asked with a chuckle. "You are! Get up, I'll drive you to my house. " I insisted, getting out of the car and switching places with him.
  5. "Val, bayyyy-beh. Can you tell me... Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?" he asked as I started the car up. "Gavin. Just close your eyes and rest." I pled as I began to drive home, the streets oddly quiet. I thanked the Lord for that, since I could barely legally drive on my own. "Dora. Dora, Dora the explorer...." he sang drunkenly, laying his head in my lap as I continued to drive. " who's that super cool exploradora? Need your help, grab your backpack, let's go. " he continued, my shoulders shaking as I tried to hold back laughter. "Hey, Gav, relax." I whispered as he drunkenly sang the rest of the song. "Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming." he laughed, putting his hands up to my face with a slight smile crossing his face.
  6. "Gavin. We're here. Get up." I insisted, pushing him into an upward position so I could undo my seatbelt. "But baybeh. I just want.... I just wanna swing.. From the chandelier." he laughed harder, undoing his buckle with a grin. "Gavin. My mom's gonna freak when I bring you in. So try to keep your hands to yourself." I insisted, opening the car door for him. "Can't keep my hands to myself." he sang out, my face burning as he began to mock Selena Gomez. "Gavin! Just... Put your friggin hand on my arm so you don't fall over. " I huffed as he stumbled to his feet and did as I said. "Now. Keep quiet. Got it?" I asked, leading him to my front door.
  7. He gave a simple nod before I raised my hand up, banging on the door, hoping she wouldn't answer. But... As always, when I want something to happen, the exact opposite occurs. "Valentine! Where were you? And who's the friend?" mom asked, reluctantly allowing us both inside. "Sorry, mom. I meant to come home sooner, but I had an interview for a job, and then my friend here was planning on coming over to tell you something, but he got a bit drunk. " I explained, sitting Gavin down and rushing to the restroom. I pulled a rag from the oak cabinet, soaking it in water and rushing back into the living room. Mom gave me a small smile as I pressed it to his head, praying he'd stay calm. "Mind telling me what he wanted to tell me?" she asked. "Mom..." I huffed, Gavin cutting me off with a small laugh. "I wanna.. I wanna marreh ya daughter. " he said, nearly causing me to die right there. "What? That's what he wanted to say!? Baby, I'm so happy you're in love. Just don't rush it, you're still young. " mom laughed, causing me to feel even worse. "Mom! Calm down. He's just insanely drunk. We are not getting married." I assured her, later explaining the whole Ethan…
  8. "Whatever. Just.. We'll talk about this in the morning. You go take your friend up to the guest room." she sighed, wiping a stray tear from her eye as I did what she said. "Cmon, Gav. Get up. " I insisted, tugging on his arm. "Daymnn, gimme a friggin minute, mama." he whined, still pretty out of it. "Gavin. Now. " I demanded. " Why you so bossy, baybeh? " he asked, my mom giving a snort as I mentally facepalmed myself. "Ugh. Don't make me carry you to the guest room. " I began to threaten, watching as he gave me a small smile. "Piggy back ride. " he chuckled softly, mom trying so hard not to laugh at him. "Okay, that's it." I sighed, tipping his chair over, laughing as he slipped down with a crash. " Ma'am, ya friggin daughter be so bossy. Save meh smee!" he wailed, quoting Captain Hook as he stumbled to his feet. "Gavin Richardson, if you don't get your booty in the guest room, I'll drag you up the stairs." I yelled.
  9. He gave a small wink before trudging across the floor drunkenly, grasping onto each couch and chair he'd pass, in hopes of not falling. "Goodnight Valerie, Goodnight Gavin." mom called after us as we walked upstairs. Well... Actually, I walked upstairs, he army crawled his way up. "Val, baybeh." Gavin whispered once we made our way to the guestroom. "Yes?" I sighed. "I... I wanna... You wanna go out... With.. Dora." he mumbled, piecing together random thoughts. "What!?! I don't want to go out with Dora, no!" I laughed, rubbing my temples with a smile. "Boots?" he asked. "Nooo!" I groaned. I quickly shoved him into the guest bed, tucking him in with a pleased smile, his eyes focusing on me the whole time.
  10. I leaned over to pull his shoes off, his hand somehow managing to reach my waist. "I want you.... To show me the way.. Everyday." he sang, making me laugh so hard my sides hurt. "Gavin, I'll talk to you tomorrow when you're not so drunk, okay?" I sighed, giving his cheek a small peck before leaving the room.
  11. *** The next morning ***I drowsily turned over in my bed, my body bumping into some sort of warm. "Dammit." I muttered under my breath, throwing a hand over my eyes in disgust before looking over. Gavin. "Gavin." I whispered, giving his arm a small nudge, hoping he'd get up before my mom walked in the room. "Ugh. Don't yell." he huffed, rubbing his temples as he flipped over on his side to see me better. "Gavin. May I ask you why you're in my bed?" I asked. " I honestly have no idea. Last night's a big blur, right now. " he said. " Well, let's see... You got drunk before coming to pick me up, you tried to make out with me on top of your car, you continuously sang Dora the explorer and other things I'd rather not mention, and to top it off, you told my mom you wanted to marry me." I huffed, giving a laugh as he went red in the face. "I did all that? Wow. That's a bit embarrassing." he chuckled softly rubbing my cheek before giving a gulp. "dammit." he muttered, stumbling to a yellow trash bin and hunching over it. "You okay over there?" I asked, scurrying over to him in a worried manner. "I got a hangover worse than hell, but I'll survive." he murmured.
  12. *** A few hours later***"Gavin." I murmured, burying my head into his chest with a smile. "Yes, Valerie?" he whispered into my ear, his warm breath causing a wave of emotions to wash over me. "You do realize we skipped school, right? Aaron must be having a fit." I chuckled, biting my lower lip as I tried to hide a frown. "Well, I'm sure they'd prefer me nor to barf all over the classroom, and if anyone asks, you were just nursing me back to proper health requirements." he chuckled, giving me a sexy wink. "Wow, that sounds so wrong. But really, poor Aaron's probably spending his whole day worrying about me. I'm surprised he hasn't swung by yet." I sighed, giving his arm a rub.
  13. "Enough worrying, you. Talking about another guy infront of your future husband. Shame on you." he laughed, shaking his head in disgust as I burst out laughing. "Hey! You're the one who was planning that wedding, not me. " I reminded him. " Yeah, yeah. What did your mom say?" he asked, hoping to change the subject a little. "Oh, you know. She was near tears, like moms always are. I seriously think she thinks we're going to get married, although I Totally denied it. " I sighed, allowing him to play with my hair. "Aw, that's too bad. I already had the ring and everything." he teased, nibbling on my ear with a satisfied smile. "Gav, must I get on to you again? If my mom.. Or even worse, Aaron, walks in here and sees you, we'll both be dead. " I warned him, giving a subtle wink as he laughed. "Well, then let's go somewhere where they can't see us. " he suggested, tugging at the strings of my tanktop. "Naughty suggestion, boy." I giggled. "Hey, I didn't say what we'd do. You're the one with the dirty mind. " he teased, my cheeks burning in embarrassment.
  14. "Yeah, yeah. I know you well enough to see when you're thinking of something naughty." I grinned, pointing at his hand, who's was now tightly wrapped around my lower thigh. " Lock me away officer. " he pouted, raising his hands over his head in a playful manner. " No way am I putting handcuffs on you. You'd just say I was thinking dirty thoughts. " I insisted. "You know me too well." he sighed, leaning towards me with a wolfish grin. "That I do. Tell me, do you remember anything from last night?" I asked, hoping he'd forgotten our kiss from last night. " Slightly. I remember seeing you walk out to my car. And I remember kissing you. But that's about it." he informed me. "Last night, you told me Aaron had told you he liked me. Is that true?" I asked, bracing for the truth, ready to accept whatever he said. He winced immediately, as if the truth hurt him, and right then, I knew it was true. "HE DOES?!?" I screeched, furrowing my brows in shock as I leapt up from the couch.
  15. "Valerie, wait up!" he insisted, trailing after me as I stormed out into the hall, barely dressed. I tugged at the tight tank top that barely covered me, hoping he wasn't looking where I thought he was. "Valerie, just calm down. Don't tell me you never noticed he liked you!" he laughed, catching up to me within seconds. "Of course I didn't! What do I look like, a mind reader?" I huffed, footsteps following after us. "Why are you two yelling? It's only ten in the morning." mom whined, oblivious to our attire at the moment. "It's nothing, mom, I'm fine. Just go back to sleep." I sighed, wrapping her into a hug. " Sweetheart, I know you well. You always do that. You're never 'fine'. I want to talk to you two, anyway. " she muttered, pulling away from my hug in disgust. "Fine. Talk then. " I grumbled, crossing my arms and standing in a defensive stance. "Gavin, was it? Why wasn't I notified sooner about what happened with Ethan?" mom asked him. "I meant to stop by here after school had been let out, but Valerie had a job interview, so that's why I came by so late. I do, again, apologize for the state I was in last night. I was merely a bit on edge with it being the first…
  16. "It's fine, I suppose. Though I do wish you would consider taking it slower with her. She's only seventeen, after all." she sighed, rubbing her temples anxiously. "Mom! I already told you, he's just my teacher. Dang." I huffed. "Some teacher. Don't tell me I accidentally enrolled you in a playboy place by mistake." she laughed, making me blush hard. "I assure you ma'am, anything I said last night was merely brought on by my drunkenness. Though I find your daughter quite amazing, I dare not do anything reckless with her." he assured her, my face reddening more as I tried to shrink away. "I respect that. Really, I do. You are free to do whatever you choose, but know this. If she gets hurt in any way, I will personally choke you to death. Understood?" she huffed, trying to appear rough and tough." Of course." He chuckled, giving me a smile.
  17. *** Later that night*** Gavin had already left and mom had left to go to work. I knew I was supposed to be at work today, but I just didn't have the best attitude today. Knowing I was home alone, I went into my closet, pulling out a small black lacy crop top, that fit tightly around my chest, a small pair of booty shorts, and a pair of knee high lacy socks. As soon as I pulled them on, I heard a knock at the front door. I frantically scurried downstairs, trying hard not to slip in my socks. "I'm coming! I'm coming!" I shouted, adjusting a strand of my silky hair before opening the door. "Val! You're alive!" Aaron exclaimed, pulling me into a tight hug that practically squeezed me to death. "Of course I am, Aaron. Come in. " I sighed, leading him inside with a tight smile. "Why weren't you in school? Mr Richardson wasn't there either. Everyone was gossiping about you two having an affair. Please tell me that isn't true." he pled, his eyes wandering down to my outfit.
  18. "Aaron, chill boy. No, we aren't like that! I didn't go because I overslept. I had a chaotic night last night that I'd rather not discuss right now." I sighed, self consciously pulling at my tank top strap. "Did he come over?" he asked. " Sorta." I muttered. "Sorta? How can someone sorta come over? Is this just you being awkward about the whole Ethan thing?" he asked, trying to figure me out. " No. He was going to pick me up, but he ended up getting drunk." I explained. " DRUNK!?! HE DIDN'T HURT YOU, DID HE!?" he screamed, causing me to wince in pain. "Aaron, just calm down. Yes, he was drunk, but he didn't do much." I sighed, taking a seat by him on the couch. "Tell me exactly what happened. Everything." he insisted. "Fine. Let's see... I walked over to the parking lot he'd asked me to meet him at, and he was already out of his car, laying on the hood. Once he realized I was there, he started to 'flirt', I guess. Next thing I know, I'm pinned down to the car hood and he's on top--" I stopped realizing he'd been looking more at me then actually listening.
  19. "Aaron, eyes up here. " I teased, his face reddening as he gave a nervous chuckle. "Anyway... He started to kiss me, or whatever, and next thing I know, before I could pull away, he's shirtless and attempting to undo my bra." I continued, watching his eyes wander downward again. "What!? I'll kill him!" he yelled. "Aaron, chill! Geez! Just let me finish boy. " I sighed, placing a hand on his shoulder to calm him down. He gave a nod, his body relaxing a bit as I gave a small shrug. "Anyway. I didn't realize he was drunk until we got into the car, so he and I switched seats and I drove instead of him. The rest of the time, he was pretty calm, besides his karaoke and all. " I chuckled softly, his brow arching curiously. "Karaoke?" "Dora the explorer theme song, 'can't keep my hands to myself' by Selena Gomez, and a bunch of other stuff." I explained. "Wait. He sang Dora the explorer? Dang, that's funny. " he laughed, leaning his head back with a grin.
  20. "Ya got that right, boy. Anyway, I took him here since I had no idea where he lived, and I explained everything to my mom. That idiot, though. He was so out of it, and my mom... She asked him what he was wanting to say, and.. He said ' I wanna... I wanna marreh us daughter'" I quoted, doing my best impression of his drunken state. "WHAT!? WHAT THE.... DANGGGG!" he yelled jealously, putting a hand to his face to hide the rage in his eyes. "Calm. Down. Boy. Anyway, mom let him stay in the guest room, and he was fine this morning. Had a hangover like hell, but he was fine after a couple hours." I explained, leaving out the fact he'd snuck into my bed overnight. " oh. Um, so that's what you were doing all day?" he asked quietly. "No. He left a couple of hours before my mom went to work. Apparently she likes him slot, cuz she did that whole ' baby, don't let the guy go' speech." I chuckled softly. " ha. Poor thing." he sighed. "I know, right?" I muttered. "I meant poor Mr Richardson. Or Gavin... Whatever." he laughed.
  21. "Speaking of him.... Aaron I have an important question for you. But you have to swear you won't kill me when I ask. " I insisted, watching his eyes fill with worry as he gave a nod. "Of course, Val. You can ask me anything." he laughed. " When he was drunk.... He might have mentioned something you'd told him earlier that day. " I hinted, not knowing how to phrase it properly. "Um. Yeah? What did he say?" he asked. "He.... He said you told him you had a crush on me. Please be honest, and tell me if that's true. " I pled, looking up at him as he gave a small, sad nod. "Yes, val. I do. " he mumbled, hanging his head in shame. "Aaron, don't look so miserable, please. I..." I mumbled, watching him try not to make eye contact with me. "No, Val. I get it. You like Gavin, or Maverick or someone else. I get it, I understand. I just wish you'd take better care of yourself." he sighed. "Aaron! Dammit, listen. I like none of them that way. They're nice and cute, sure. But, Aaron, you're way better than them. I've always enjoyed how you respected me and allowed me to be myself. Honestly, in a way, I guess I've always had a crush so secret, even I didn't realize it.…
  22. "I thought you liked Alec. Remember? You used to always want to do nothing but be around him. I used to have to practically drag you away. I know you don't know this, but he had a major crush on you too. No matter how hard he denied it, you could tell it. " he sighed. "Alec? Sure, I liked him at one point. But.. I know him too well. He was the player type. If he even considered cheating on me, he'd end up in the ICU." I chuckled, watching his face light up. "Oh." he whispered. "Oh? That's all you have to say?" I asked. "No. " he said, leaning in closer. He immediately pressed his lips against mine, catching me off-guard for a second. He pulled away, studying my face nervously. I gave a small smile, giving him the courage to do it again.
  23. His lips lightly pressed against mine, starting out as small pecks, but grew more passionate over time. He wrapped one arm around my waist, and let his other hand rest on my leg. As we began to get more into it, I wrapped my arms loosely around his neck and gently ran my hands through his hair. "Val.. Would... Would you go... To the movies with me.... Tomorrow?" he asked through kisses. "Mhm." I mumbled. Suddenly he pulled away, lifting his shirt over his head. My eyes widened slightly as I realized he had a decent six pack that looked amazing for his body. "I'm not making you uncomfortable, am i?" he asked, studying my face curiously. "No. " I assured him. "Good. Just tell me if I go to far. " he insisted, laying me flat on the couch and putting his body lightly on mine. "Sure. " I whispered, pulling him into another kiss that sent sparks flying.
  24. *** An hour later***After an hour of making out, he finally pulled away, giving me a smile that could light up the world. " I like you alot, you know that, right?" he asked, handing my lacy crop top back over to me. "I could tell. I like you too." I laughed, sliding it over my head with a smile. "You sure?" he asked. "Yes, silly. Why do you ask?" I asked. "I don't know. I guess because you're so beautiful and I'm not exactly Taylor Lautner or anything." he sighed. "You're right. You're no Taylor Lautner. You're way better." I giggled, giving him a sexy smile. "Would you do me the pleasure of being my girlfriend?" he asked, nervously entwining his fingers with mine. "Yes, dude, yes. " I laughed, giving him a passionate kiss. "I love you, babe. " he whispered into my ear. "I love you too." I whispered back.
  25. " Val, I should go home, but I'll see you tomorrow, babe." he sighed, pulling his shirt and pants back on with a grin. "Sure thing, ya pervert." I teased, leading him to the door. "You didn't stop me, did you?" he asked with a laugh. "Oh shut up. " I giggled, pushing him outside with a smile. " Night, Val." "Night, Aaron." I whispered, shutting the door with a small laugh.
  26. I waltzed off to my bed, pulling off my crop top and shorts and slipping on a small revealing night gown. I trailed off to the restroom and loosely gathered my hair up into a messy bun before brushing my teeth vigorously. As I walked back into the room, I felt a sharp shove sending me across the room, where I sprawled out on a red beanbag chair. "Hey cutie." a familiar voice cackled, sending a chill up my spine. "Ethan... " I whispered, trying not to scream as he leaned over and....... ***CLIFFHANGER ***
  27. Sorry! I had to make it short, because I have an awful headache, but don't worry, the next one will be out soon enough.
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