IB Chemistry I - Periodic Table Unit

This is a review quiz for IB HL Chemistry I. The course is designed for IB juniors who are interested in chemistry. The unit is "Periodic table" or "Periodicity."

Let's see if you'll pass the test. This is easy. If you can't pass this, you won't pass the test. The equations and compounds must be memorized as well as the trends and properties of them.

Created by: Communist
  1. In the complex ion [Co(NH3)4 (H2O)Cl]Br, how many ligands are there and what is the shape?
  2. What increases ionic radii?
  3. What does the oxide reaction Na2O + HCl yield?
  4. Amphoteric
  5. SO2 and SO3 form X with water
  6. Which of these is untrue about transition elements?
  7. Why are scandium and zinc not typical of d-block elements?
  8. Define ligand.
  9. What type of bonds do ligands form?
  10. Why are complexes of d-block elements colored?
  11. Homogeneous catalyst
  12. Why are scandium and zinc ions colorless?
  13. Haber process
  14. The other equation in the last question (not the Haber process) was which process?
  15. Enantiomers
  16. Are 4-ligand complexes always tetrahedral?

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