You think you know chemistry?

There are many smart people but few geniuses,and even fewer chemistry geniuses,thats why this quiz is here,to point out our real chemistry geniuses,to pick out the few

Are you a genius?Are you even smart?if you think you know chemistry like the palm of your hands, the time has come for you test your abilities and to let you know if you are one of the geniuses.

Created by: Xquisite_Pearl

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  1. Chemistry deals with
  2. Which oxide of nitrogen is also called laughing gas
  3. Which one of the option below is not an acid
  4. Dilute acids have
  5. 'Hygroscopic' is a term used for a salt that?
  6. All below are allotropes of carbon except
  7. What is d hardest known substance
  8. Radioactive radiation consists of all except
  9. Which of the following is an alkane
  10. Which of the gases listed below is greenish-yellow with a pungent smell?

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