Chemistry Chapter 7-Ionic and Metallic Bonding

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We all know how hard Chemistry can be. Unless, of course you are that one child who seems to know everything already. Even with those kids, practice is key. Chemistry is easy to forget. However, if you can answer these correctly, you must be sharp!

Keep in mind that when you take this, you can be refreshing key points, or just studying your butt off for a test. Either way, these questions alone aren't enough to prepare you completely. With that said, have fun and hope for the best outcome!

Created by: Solar_Ray
  1. Define Electron Dot Structure.
  2. Define Ionic Compound.
  3. How many valence electrons does an atom of any element in Group 6A have?
  4. Define Valence Electron.
  5. When an aluminum atom loses its valence electrons, what is the charge on the resulting ion?
  6. The electron configuration of a Fluoride ion, F-, is:
  7. Define Ionic Bond.
  8. In forming ionic bonds, atoms tend to attain the:
  9. A metallic bond is a bond between:
  10. Define Chemical Formula.
  11. Which element who combined with chlorine would most likely form an ionic compound?
  12. The crystal structure of ionic compounds such as sodium chloride is very unstable.
  13. When melted, ionic compounds conduct electricity.
  14. Metal atoms are arranged in a face-centered cubic structure.
  15. The cation Fe3+ is formed when:
  16. Define Halide Ion.
  17. How many dots would the electron dot structure of Phosphorus have?
  18. Define Alloy.

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