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  • Beauty wise, just start out focusing on staying clean. Shower every day, wear deodorant,that general stuff. After you've gotten that down to an art, just start experimenting with stuff that you feel accentuates your features. Lip gloss, maybe a bit of mascara, but nothing drastic.

    Creeps are everywhere as well. They're hard to avoid, but dress modestly, no over cleavage, nothing too skanky in general, or they'll flock. It is so easy to fit in without cussing, just use a funny word in place of a cuss, it's freaking funny and people will usually laugh and love it. I do it all the time, haha. Study tips... hm.... Don't wait til the end of the term to get your grades up to A's. Try to keep them A's throughout the whole term and it'll be a breeze, I promise.

    If you stand up to people, whether it be bullies, friends, or outcasts, don't worry about the politics hon. What matters is that your integrity will grow and show as you stand for what's right, or whatever you're standing up for.

    If anyone bothers you at all, don't take that crap. Still be nice, but I repeat, don't take crap. Taking crap from people is like inviting them to keep giving you crap.

  • Hey there! I just got out of 6th grade, actually, and passed with flying colors if I do say so myself. In my experience, if someone is really popular, chances are they're a jerk. Stay away from them because you will probably end up getting hurt. If you have good friends, stick with them no matter what. Participate in as many activities as you can while still getting straight A's, with perhaps a few B's. This will insure you're popular with the teachers (which is incredibly important) as well as involved in many things, so chances are you'll have more friends. Wear some makeup if you really want to, but avoid eyeliner, eyeshadow, or too much foundation, mascara or lip stick/gloss. If you overdo it, chances are people will think you're a bimbo.Do NOT 'date' anyone in the 6th grade!!! It's a terrible idea, which will most likely end up giving you issues with friends and make you unpopular with teachers. If someone says something mean, just say something on the order of "Thanks! Have a nice day!" and walk away. If it persists, do not be afraid to tell a teacher. I'm sure you'll do just fine. Middle school really ain't all it's cracked up to be.

  • 1. Bullies are everywhere. There really isn't "the best way to avoid getting targeted by bullies" so just be yourself. If someone is making fun of you, laugh it off or walk away. I know it sounds like you're being a tattle-tale, but you should tell an adult if someone is bullying you otherwise things can get worse. (Trust me, I know from personal experience)

    2. By now you should know that beauty is different for everyone. You're going into 7th grade now? (I'm like a year late, but oh well).

    I like to use a cream color for my brow-line, light pink (if not like a nude skin tone) colored lid and a light brown for the crease of my eye. It gives me a natural look that enhances my eyes. I use an eyelash curler (learn how to use it and it'll do wonders) and curling mascara. I use a small amount of liquid foundation for under my eyes so that it makes me look wide awake (but make sure it's as close to your skin color as possible!)

    3. My study tips for you:
    Try to do all of your work the day you get it
    Don't procrastinate on projects

    If you don't know, ask a teacher, librarian your parents, or your friends

    4. Stand up top bullies! Befriend outcasts! Stand up for what you know is right because if you don't stand up for them, who's going to stand up for you?

    I really hope this helps you or anyone else who needs advice no matter what grade they're going into. I have a sister who's going into 6th grade this year and I tell her this kind of stuff all the time! Oh and I agree with 54m4nt44 and mimioboots. Good Luck! :)

  • First of all, bullies shouldn't be that big of a problem but if they are, just stand up to them. Tell them to stop and if they don't, then you have two options, you can either get an adult(which would be the best option if the bullying is physical), or you can come up with good comebacks and put them in their place (if you can't do thins alone remember, you have the internet to help you.) And if you don't want to cuss then, just don't. No one will judge you, BUT DON'T be that kid whose always telling other people to not cuss, no one likes those kids. And with make up, just let me tell you a thing or two about eyeliner (eyeliner is both your best friend and enemy), the line of eyeliner should be ON YOUR EYELASHES NOT ABOVE, if it is seriously above your eyelashes then you have a problem, other wise you should be good. Also, if you are going to wear face makeup, then always, always, ALWAYS make sure it's your skin color, if you make sure to follow those two rules then people will most likely not judge you on your makeup.

    Good Luck!

  • You can wear makeup, if you want, just don't put on too much that you look creepy. Bullies tend to pick on shy, insecure, nerdy, small, or strange people. If you do get picked on, just shrug it off and ignore it and don't let them know that it bugs you, or else they'll keep on bullying you. Some tips on friends, pick people that lift you up and make you feel good. You can make lots of friends pretty fast if you smile lots and introduce yourself to people. Do your homework right after school. Stay organized, and everything will be better. I know some people that are really unorganized and always lose their stuff, and because of this they don't get very good grades because of it. It doesn't really matter if you fit in or not. Good luck in middle school!

  • Middle school will probably be the hardest years of your life. As daughter of Apollo said, hormones are changing, and well, its a new experience. As for befriending outcasts, (who I happen to be) most of us arnt too weird. Befriending them will give you cool, loyal, smart friends for life. For dealing with bullies, stay under the radar. Don't change your self, and bullies won't bother you. They may, for they pick smaller and weaker kids, but, they will stop bothering you if you stand up for yourself! if you do get bullied, tell a teacher! the bully may call you mean names, but they won't be able to bother you. In fact, by telling, you would open the gateway for others to tell. It takes only one person to stop a bully in their tracks. As for beauty, don't worry. That's never been a problem for anyone! :-) many experiences can only be felt in person, so be strong, be yourself, and stay loyal to friends you can trust. Btw, people who want to change you ARE NOT FRIENDS. They are bullies, and their words and actions typically hurt you emotionally more then a bully who hits you ever could. Ignore then, and they won't be a problem! find friends like you, not those who want to Change you.


  • School started wednesday, so I'm in 7th grade.


    Most people start to mature (surprisingly) by 6th grade. Some of them may start to bully you, or something. I hated it when people called me short. That's the number on thing I hated. So all I said was "Why do you care?" Then went about my business. No one has a response to that!


    Choose your friends wisely. Just be yourself, DO NOT change anything about you, unless you are mean (I KNOW THAT YOU ARENT, WOLFY)


    Wear t-shirts and jeans every once in a while, and mix in some skirts and stuff like that. Maybe a bit of mascara wouldn't hurt.


    You don't need to swear or cuss. Just ignore people who say it constantly. If it's one of your friends, tell them this: " I don't like it when you swear and cuss for no reason. Please stop." Keep on saying that. If they turn out to be one of those people who cuss CONSTANTLY, just say, " That's it. I'll try to say this in the nicest way possible. Just stop, or else I'm not going to be your friend anymore. Now stop, please."

    Befriendi ng Outcasts:

    Make sure that you know why no one wants to be his/her friend. Make sure that he/she isn't a mean person that no one wants to be around, because it'll rub off on you. Start a convo like asking: " What are your classes" And such. Beleive me, that can make you BFF's with someone. Like mine.

  • Also, you don't have to wear make-up! I never did and boys loved me (maybe because I get along with them better). Make-up will not make or break you, its for personal opinion of oneself. If guys get used to seeing you in full out make-up they aren't going to appreciate your true beauty. Plus, if you don't keep it light, it will look horrendous. My tip for that is to only use foundation/cover-up , mascara a/o eyeliner. Keep it nice and simple.

  • Don't die, which is sound advice.

    Also, always stand up.for what what you think is right. It doesn't matter if it's a simple thing like a small argument, or something bigger like standing up to bullies and such. I, unfortunately, have cussed before, but not in front of people. More to myself. I've never cussed outside of muttering words to myself, and I hope that you manage time resist the urge to do so. It's very tempting to cuss.sometimes, but please keep your cool and remain strong.

    I hope your middle school experience is better than mine! Good luck!


  • Wazzup ^.^ I'm goin to 10th grade, and I'm glad that I hadn't encountered any body to mess with me.....I think I intimidate them....oh well lol I basically shyed away from a lot of things, I didn't really talk much (nobody messes with you if you don't mess with them ^.^ ) for make-up...hmm don't use a lot of base (foundation) if you go bright on the lips, go neutral on the eyes and so forth so on lol ^.^ I did my homework everyday, basically you just do as the teachers say, and focus on the teacher (not meaning to preach to ya :P ) but even though there are those funny guys (class clowns) I see that the teachers get annoyed by that, also just try and make a little friendship with the teacher by just chatting with them ^.^ but not for long or you'll be late for class, I'm more comfortable with a teacher if I am at least a bit comfortable with knowing the teacher, and for those bullies...well I've been bullied before, still haunts me, I was in 2nd grade and I was bullied by teachers in my other grades...until middle school they stayed away ^.^

  • Hey,only 7th grade, but keep it light on make-up, be yourself, stay out of the way of bullies and mean people, smile and you'll make friends.

    Stand up for yourself to a point, if if starts to get messy, walk away. Save the come backs, there's no point in getting into fights, just walk off.

    Get your homework done and just generally try to stay organised.

    As for clothes, don't make too much effort, but don't wear your PJs to school if you know what I mean!

    Hope it's going well so far!!

  • Hi. All of your questions clearly point out that you are an idiot. You are one of those stupid people that think anyone's advice could help you. For example "what will happen if I befriend outcasts and stand up to bullies?". Do you not have a brain? Do you not understand that everyone has a different path in life? Honestly, just please leave the planet.

  • I'm completing middle school right now, although I take some high school classes right now.


    Kay. Bullies. No matter where you go, there are always going to be bullies in some shape or form, whether it be physical, verbal, or emotional. It will usually be the later 2, though. Only a small percentage of the bully population will actually use upfront force. "Avoiding" these people is nearly impossible, and quite simply relies on luck most of the time. Some of us experience bully situations, whereas others may not, independent of how much we're a "target". Avoiding them is out of the question, whether it's directly to you or indirectly, (via friend or some other source) you will encounter them.


    Let me make it clear. These people LOVE drama. They fawn in it, the soak it in, they crave it. All they want is for you to react. Don't listen to that "don't fight" bulls--- they tell you at school, because junior high can be brutal. Turning a blind eye in elementary school might have worked, but it takes a very different kind of strategy in junior high. These people scan for weakness, and submissiveness to mistreatment is considered a weakness. Don't take any crap, from anyone.

    Hear me out, I don't mean go pick a fight with anyone who talks behind your back or anything, but set that b---- straight. Someone starts rumors about you? Find the source and set them straight, then trace the trail of information destruction already made and fix whatever you can. Obviously you can't fix everything, but it's better than nothing.

    Someone decides to talk crap to your face, or via a social network? Again, set that b---- straight. THEN block them. Not replying makes them think you're weak, and they'll just feel more superior. Get the last word, then block em so they can't say anything. This puts you in the position of power that having the last word gets you.

  • Don't to try and scare you or anything.... But middle school sucks. Everyone is changing, hormones are out of wack, and people drift apart. However, I haven't cussed a single time while I was in middle school, and all was fine (except 7th grade, which I'll probably explain why). Don't worry about "fitting in" because I had a bunch of different friends from each stereotype. Make friends with people who you want to be around.

    Dealing with a bully: well, you know that 7th grade thing that I mentioned earlier? Yeah, in 7th grade I was bullied and thought about killing myself. If you do get bullied, you have to stay strong and smile and reply with positive comments like "yep, you're right." Or "okay." Just keep your head held high, look them dead in the eye, and smile.

    How not to get bullied: there is no way to not get bullied. A bully picks on people who are usually smaller than them, and it doesn't matter what shape or gender you are. However, if you see someone getting bullied, please go over there and befriend them. It will make their day, and I wish someone did that to me. Also, if you do get bullied, tell a teacher, so they can do something about it because they will (they made my bully wait a minute after class, so she couldn't shove me).

    What will happen if you befriend an outcast?: find out for yourself. They're only outcasts 'cause no one will let them in.

    Important thing to note: Do NOT change who you are. If the people you're with start changing, don't change with them.

  • All I have to say is to not freak out. Be who you are, that's what I did and I had a great time. Sometimes teachers are a-holes but your going to get that in high school and college. Don't let anybody get to you if they try to bully you, that just means they are worthless jerks trying to lower you to there standards.

    ps. If somehow you end up in a fight (fist-fight) let them throw the first punch, that way you won't be in as much trouble when you fight beck.

  • Just be yourself and don't lie to seem cool. If you decide to wear makeup, only mascara and lip balm should be good. Wash your face everyday! You don't want disgusting pimples/zits! (unless you already have some, sucks for you! :/)

  • I'm in the 7th grade and I've been bullied to because of my shortness and I'm short for my she but all i did was laugh with them even thought they looked at me like wtf all i did was laugh and i got friends to have my back and who love me very much so if anything is wrong be there for me and i hope your friends are there for you to good luck

  • I'm in the 7th grade and I've been bullied to because of my shortness and I'm short for my she but all i did was laugh with them even thought they looked at me like wtf all i did was laugh and i got friends to have my back and who love me very much so if anything is wrong be there for me and i hope your friends are there for you to good luck

  • about bully, they're just having fun with the freshman. ignore them and run whenever they start their action. about friend, there are so much cliques. try to start a friendly conversation with the bunch of ppl you think you're fit to. maybe a nerd, prep, or emo. about looks, you can wear whatever you like. just wear your best outfit.

  • Hey I'm going into 6th grade too! My sis gave me some advice: don't be annoying to higher grades, don't try to make friends with everyone you see, don't be a teacher's pet, but also don't be non-participant.

    Angel Fox
  • I'm in 9th grade, and kid, keep it cool, don't get involved in fights, and when a bully starts to do something, walk away or get an adult. Kay? I've been through bullying before. I'd know.

  • I don't plan on makeup, maybe some lip gloss or something. Heh, yeah, I think you either get beauty with boys or great personality with boys. I got personality ^^.

  • On your first day, friendships form straight away. If you don't have a group by the second day, you won't be able to get into one, it's what happened to me, don't end up like it!!

  • I'm in middle school to if you get bullied look up some good comebacks online if that does help punch the bully right in his ugly face. That's what I did:)

  • In sixth grade you will find out who are your true friends.Always avoid drama.That will get you in trouble.If boy/girls are mean to you just go to a teacher.I am going to be i seventh grade


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