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  • Result: Female

    You are a female. If you're really a male...well, you might wanna get checked out! But unless you have serious problems, you are certainly female!!!!!!

    Eve n though this is true, I am a female, strongly disagree with the comment. I could be male, by sex, but identify as female. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. So no, if I was male I really shouldn't "get that checked out" and being gender-queer is NOT a problem. At all.

    That us all.

  • 86% male, 70% female. You got that half right. Though I have to say I disagree with the result wording - I'm transgender, there is nothing wrong with me. :)

  • I got 72% male and 70% female...I'm a female and do NOT need to be checked out! (lol) I have my wall painted pink, but I'm watching the Avengers! Lol 8/10

  • Correct! Nice job

  • W-R-O-N-G. :DD
    I'm female, not male.


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