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  • Aweee... Im so sorry about your friend... That little Sicko who was driving the van was a... Well instead of swearing... a Cowardly freak. Hit n Run... i hate that. Im so sorry again about your friend. Nothing can replace a good friend, that the One you had. It was a very Dangerous stunt to save an injured deer... but it was thoughtful of her. R.I.P Lilyanna. I hope Heaven is Awesome

    Your regards,
    Jess (OmegaWolf)

  • I'm sorry. For two things: 1. Lilyanna. She sounded like a very, extremely, marvelously, wonderful person. I was tearing up as I read that. 2. I am sorry I am late getting to this. I hope you are doing fine now, and I wish that i could do something to help you...

    I said the same words to my best friend, who is in a different time zone, when her grandmother died, and I hadn't been emailing her as often.

    I'm sorry.
    I hope that you can count me as a friend,

  • Saving a deer on the road, i really love animals, but i will never be brave enough to do such a thing, just go on the road and pull it off, she must be really brave. And i am really sorry for your loss, may she rest in peace.

  • Aww, so sweet! Thank you guys,
    @Comex thank you

    @OmegaWolf yes she was brave, she was called the lioness at school for that reason.

  • Well god rest her soul im sure she is watching over you but you still have us and we all love and support you and will be your shoulder to cry on

  • I'm srry that happened to you, losing someone is very hard but at least it was painless and she is in a Better place now. I hope ur ok!

    Miss carrot
  • She sounded like an amazing, beautiful person. I'm really sorry for your loss :(

  • E-mailed you:'(
    I feel so bad about Lilyanna:(

  • Oh vulturemonem, I'm sorry I can't even imagine < / 3 we're here for you, okay?

  • I'm truly sorry :(
    May she rest in peace


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