i dare you to click this!

This is just to explain new quizzes that are coming out, and maybe a game or two in between. I will give news and stuff and tell about some quiz storys that are coming out.

I will also put a little game in there and talked a little about asking you guys to be considerate and take my quizzes. Please don't judge me or comment mean stuff! Thanks!

Created by: wolf_heart
  1. I explained everything in the paragraphs so read them!
  2. I'm reallly sorry if I bump quizzes to the next page!!! I just want to announce some stuff!! Please don't judge me or comment mean things!
  3. So I have a story quiz coming out called 'make a wish!' I would appreciate if you would read it!
  4. I also would appreciate if you took my other quizzes! Some of them aren't very good, so don't judge 'em!
  5. Listen, we all want to level up! So please don't judge this!
  6. Please rate and comment if you can!
  7. Thanks!
  8. To make this not tottally useless other than giving out info, I shall give it a point on the next question.
  9. I shall turn it into a truth or dare quiz! Pick a number then truth or dare and the next questions will have the answers.
  10. Truth or dare?
  11. Pick a number truth:
  12. Pick a number dare:
  13. Read the things you can click: (if you can't comment just tell someone near you)
  14. Yes, I am fully aware your supposed to do truth or dare in the results. That was a last minute thing, okay?
  15. Bye

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Quiz topic: I dam I to click this!