The ultimate, fabtabluous smart quiz. Just answer these questions and you will know once and for all if you are as smart as you think you are! Or you might discover that you are secretly a genius... who knows?

In this quiz you have to know everything from Beethoven to Willy Wonka, so try your chances and have a go! The button is below so click it if you dare...

Created by: Isabel
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  1. Pick the odd one out:
  2. What did Bill Gates do?
  3. 100 cubed:
  4. Red and green mixed together is:
  5. If 4 knitters can knit 4 stitches in 4 seconds, how many stitches can 12 knitters knit in 12 seconds?
  6. Jack made a bet with Jill. 'I bet you one pound, that if you give me two pounds, I will give you three pounds in return.' Should Jill except the challenge?
  7. When I was 14 my mother was 41, and she is now twice as old as I am; how old am I?
  8. Was Beethoven blind or deaf?
  9. Longest river?
  10. Which one of these people did not sing Hallujah?
  11. True or false: Camels have two eyelids.
  12. Use three identical digits in a simple sum so that the total is 12. You can not use the digit 4. Is it possible?
  13. What were the slaves that worked for Willy Wonka called?
  14. What is a black hole?
  15. The best meaning of, 'dander,' is:

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