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  • Hey gotoquiz users. I have got a great quiz for you, well its actually for disney channel lovers. Here's the quiz: Who said what on disney channel by Mary. I created it. Basically its a disney channel quote quiz. It's very awesome. Please I beg you And i will admit it I am desperate, please check it out and comment(on that quiz) if you think I should make another one just like it. It's super fun and please forward this to other quizzes or tell your friends about it. Thanx

  • I am not a girl in the slightest. I am a man. I was born a boy raised as a boy I am not girly I do not have a strong feminine side and I and an acute homophobe. This is insulting to everyone who took this quiz seriously. All in all I enjoyed the back and mind forth from quiz to interview but that's it

  • Okay, I got male even though I'm a girl. I purposely selected male for my gender to see if that's what I would get. However, after going back and selecting female the result didn't change! Awesome, now I trust you! I still don't trust everyone else, though --.--

  • I'm a girl and i got that....
    can guess your gender!! I can!!
    Your Result: Male! 91%

    resultSo...y ou are a dude.If you want to check to see if I cheated go ahead! It didn't affect anything! But if it did....I am so sorry!!! If you are a girl but got this result....I am sorry! It's probably because you are a tomboy or you just you pressed on a different answer accidentally!

  • Your Result: Male!

    91% resultSo...you are a dude.If you want to check to see if I cheated go ahead! It didn't affect anything! But if it did....I am so sorry!!! If you are a girl but got this result....I am sorry! It's probably because you are a tomboy or you just you pressed on a different answer accidentally!

  • I got guy when I'm a girl...Well, I don't care. Sometimes, I take being more like a guy as a compliment. You never really find many girls who aren't all about how they look and stuff. I don't care about that. I just like looking like myself...My sweet little semi-gothic self.

  • Haha! Cool quiz! I got 86% female and 86% male! And even though I'm a female.....I'm happy! I love being like a guy and HATE dressing up and wearing makeup and being 'girly-girly' And I will try all your other quizzes if you try mine. They are "LyricsMaster - Let it go"\ "LyricsMaster - Billion hits" (on NerdTests.com) \ "What Mythical Creature Are You? by Karra"

    Plz do them!

  • I got male... Yes that I am good job!

    Now for your last question, well that has happened to me a couple of times, it has taken me to different quizzes so I just log out of the quiz, log out of my account and log in to all of those again. Worked for me all the time.

    Now for your end of the bargain... You have to take ALL my quizzes >:) mwuahaha XD I am joking, you don't have too

  • Your Result: Female

    Correct! I am a female! And I do trust you because I did male for the time you asked me before and you still guessed female! Thank you it was fun! But there are only 2 answers you could get, so its ether right or wrong. Mines right! Bravo!

  • You're cool, now I know for sure you didn't use gender question lolol, I'm a girl but I was like 89% boy lolol I always play video games:) ok so did you get the password right for your quiz? The name of your quiz right? Try that:)

  • Got male, I'm biologically female. Totally no prob tho, many quizzes failed on me, I'm perfectly fine with the result;)

  • Female! You got it right!I'm not exactly sure why that could have happened, but was the quiz that it took you to one of yours? How many times did you try? On mine, if you type in one letter, the rest of the title shows up. Maybe you just clicked the wrong one.

  • I clicked the opposite gender on the second question to see if they were lying. I got male but I'm female.

  • OK I believe you. I got girl and I am one. I always click the wrong gender just to make sure no ones lying. :) I'm a suspicious person. Well great quiz!!

    Riley Styles
  • I got male and I'm a girl not surprising I'm a total tomboy and also that's good now I know you weren't lying!( :

  • Female correct! I will try your quizzes and mine are: How well do you know Animal Crossing: Wild World? and Do you know Amy Pond?

  • f--- off dude. I am not a male in the slightest. I am a girl. So what the f--- if i liked playing with trucks or if i like watching anime like one piece, jojo, etc. This is just stupid. You cant guess anyones gender by a stupid quiz like this.

  • Female! Correct!

    Try typing it in very carefully and see what you get.

    I have quite a few quizzes though lawl

  • Well this is a self esteem booster, for girls and guys alike. -.- *sarcasm*

  • Should I be worried that I'm 80% a girl? I mean, the quiz was right with 90% boy, but that's only a 10% difference...O_o

  • Please make a story quiz. Now I trust you. And you are correct! I am a female. Can tell by the username, huh?

  • 86% female, 84% male. xD

    got it right. Probably 'cause I'm girly and tomboyish and the same time..

    still wondering how that could be..

  • it said I'm a male get lost u freek you just looked at our gender question and said the complete oppasit it had nothing to do with the other questions

  • I'm a girl but it said I was a dude. I don't blame it though! I like video games lol. And I hate shopping -_-

  • My result: female-87%,male-70 and im a girl


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