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  • It also said brunette. ummmmmm... my hair is brown. ha ha you got it wrong!!!

    sheridan Dec 23 '15, 11:06PM
  • Um my hair is dark brown. It almost looks like black soo not brunette

    Laurenxp Oct 13 '15, 2:49AM
  • I got blonde. My hair is not blonde, but it is not any of the colors you guessed. It is light brown.

    Remember Joy Jul 11 '15, 5:34PM
  • Holy s--- that was scary

    Kermit7181 Mar 5 '15, 12:33AM
  • Well mine is black but i got the brunette.

    utkus70 Feb 22 '15, 12:04PM
  • Haha! I don't have blonde hair! I have brown! :-P

    MissingRiddle23 Feb 11 '15, 12:20PM
  • Blonde. Got it right

    Kaylabaa Feb 6 '15, 11:18PM
  • WOW! she/he was right i am a blonde but she said dirty blondes are with blondes and i am a dirty blonde

    Jaidbabe11 Jan 27 '15, 12:24PM
  • hair isn't blonde YOU WEREN'T EVEN CLOSE! I'm not trying RO be rude...but it's NOT like you can ask some questions a hope it'll be correct...all though some poeple had the results correct but tha doesn't mean ANYTHING. it just means the person who made the quiz Was sorta lucky remember I'm NOT trying RO be rude I'm just telling you.

    Happytimes Jan 7 '15, 8:19PM
  • wow it's right... i'm a brunette! well i am a dark dark blonde or a light light brown depending how u look at it

    agentmotherboard Jan 5 '15, 9:07PM
  • Blonde. She was correct. Well its kinda dirty-blonde.

    Bellaishot Jan 5 '15, 7:27AM
  • She guessed my hair color right!

    bloodyroses765 Jan 4 '15, 11:09AM
  • My hair is NOT blonde it's brunette ...

    Percie Jan 4 '15, 10:25AM
  • It said I was a redhead... I'm a Brunette

    ThatOtakuIzzy Jan 1 '15, 8:17PM
  • i got black hair and the results are my hair color was: Gray/White

    cutiechinita Dec 29 '14, 3:38AM
  • I got black and that's my acual hair color

    QuizLova Dec 28 '14, 11:28AM
  • It said i have black hair but i have dirty blonde hair.

    apica Dec 23 '14, 1:17PM
  • I got redhead and I am a redhead

    Keely2001 Dec 22 '14, 5:25PM
  • You got it right! I'm a brunette :) with strange eyes. Please add 'no exact colour' to eyes though :) hahaha

    meely Dec 21 '14, 1:31PM
  • It said brunette.. I have black hair

    hazzas_cupcake Dec 19 '14, 5:42AM
  • It said redhead. I am a brunette but with natural red highlights so it's about 50% accurate

    baymax Dec 13 '14, 11:13PM
  • I have blue- black hair but naturally jet black (it's ok though)

    Redrose49 Dec 6 '14, 11:52AM

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