i bet i can guess your crushes name

Alot of people see others walking with their crush and wonder "what is that persons name? they look like a...." And they will just keep trying to guess your crushes name.

well do you think that i have what it takes to guess and figure out your crushs name???? WELL DO YOU!!??? then take this quizz and we will find out!!!

Created by: alex
  1. what color hair does he/she have?
  2. what color eyes does he have?
  3. is he a nerd,jock,or regular guy?
  4. how many friends does he/she have?
  5. what is his/her favorite color
  6. where does he/she like to hang out?
  7. are you are ur crush dating?
  8. almost done do u think the results will be correct?
  9. do u like this test/quiz
  10. have you ever been to ur crush's house?

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Quiz topic: I bet i can guess my crushes name